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Published:January 30th, 2009 20:36 EST
Blogojevich and You

Blogojevich and You

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Everyone should be happy now-- he`s gone. The now-former governor of Illinois, Rod Blogojevich, has been impeached, unanimously, by the pristine members of the Illinois State Legislature.  Blogojevich has been called everything from cuckoo to spectacle to scoundrel.  In the Halls of Chicago politics, those characteristics are a given-- even a prerequisite.  Only when one rocks the boat does it matter-- ask Dan Rostenkowski. 

Granted, the former governor brought much of this on himself-- don`t we all?  Nevertheless, there is an undercurrent to the Machine having united to drive Blogojevich from office that is very frightening.   

Think about this:  Blogojevich has not been indicted for any crime.  He has not been indicted, tried or convicted of any wrong-doing.  If the presumption of innocence does not apply to the governor of a state, how can it apply to me?  To you?  Being a horse`s ass should not be enough to run you out of town.    

Moreover, are you aware of this?  Go to and forward the counter to 8:08.  Glenn Beck informs Blogojevich that he, Blogojevich, is mentioned by name in the Stimulus Bill.  Listen to the interview and observe the former-governor`s reaction to the statement that Illinois will receive no funding as long as Blogojevich is governor.  He didn`t believe it, either. 

Remember, the Stimulus Bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives with absolutely no objection to this entry.   THAT is power. 

If President Obama decides to withhold funding or deny equal access to WLS-AM radio, say, unless Rush Limbaugh is taken off the air, will that be acceptable as well?  

There is great power behind this administration.  Can anyone disagree or argue with President Obama?  If funding depends on your being eliminated from the picture, will anyone speak on your behalf?  Or, will accusation and disdain be sufficient? 

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