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Published:February 8th, 2009 19:26 EST
From Recession to Manic Depression

From Recession to Manic Depression

By Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)

Economic meltdown; tsunami; crisis of unprecedented proportions; financial Armageddon; please, can we just stop the hyperbolic rhetoric?  Whether one considers the Obama Bill stimulus, tax cuts or jobs program, there`s one thing Washington fails to recognize.  America is broke; or, as they say, We ain`t got no stinking money. "  The Obama Bill is a Debtor`s Bill.


Whether the final toll is a trillion dollars or two, it matters not-- there is no money.  As of today, 09:25 PM GMT, the United States owes $10,728,259,337,707.04.  The National Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.45 billion per day since September 28, 2007.  Feel free to watch the debt clock tick.


If anyone in Washington does not know this, it is because they choose not to know it.  Consequently, it is somewhat comical to listen to Senators ranting and raving, fighting about how to spend money that no one has-- except the collection of Senators.  Most of the combatants, of course, have been there through decades of out-of-control deficit spending.  Nothing they could do except line their pockets.  Perks of power, you see. 


It`s difficult to know what is right in this new Age of Responsibility and Transparency.  The Age of Accountability is also a bit strained, it seems.  The Pundits are pumping their propaganda mercilessly, and to disagree is unpatriotic, it appears.


Everyone from Locked in the Cabinet Robert Reich to National Economic Council Director Larry Summers offer positions with two common tenants: fear and immediacy.  Arguments given are peppered with pop-up sound bites, fancy financial double talk, and broad-brush generalizations. Should a question about Bank of America just having provided ACORN with $2 million, it is waved away and dismissed as too technical or too specific, even trivial.


This morning, referring to a specific (really) and critical (of course) element to the package, Larry Summers told George Stephanopoulos: 


And absolutely critically, there will be support and pressure that

assures that these needless foreclosures are avoided and that government

is acting aggressively to contain the damage in the housing markets.


Needless foreclosures?  Surely, it does not take a trillion-dollar piece of legislation to stop needless foreclosures.  Maybe Washington could just go ahead and jump on that little nugget now.  They could tackle it with the now deafening battle cry, We`ve got to do something! "


Of course, in the distant background of this distraction, President Obama is mighty loose and fast with the Executive Order.  Between Executive Orders and political appointments, he may swiftly erase all opposition and dissent.  If nothing else, perhaps he will be successful in extracting the parasitic lawmakers from their exhausted host, the American people.


Dare to hope?


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