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Published:February 8th, 2009 15:12 EST
The Crime Of Many Gitmo Prisoners: FWM (Farming While Muslim)

The Crime Of Many Gitmo Prisoners: FWM (Farming While Muslim)

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Guantanamo Bay prison camp is a symbol of American arrogance and disdain for international law. President Obama has promised to close it down within a year, but that`s not soon enough.

Some of the men being held at Gitmo are guilty only of FWI (Farming while Islamic). They are hapless farmers and peasants who got entangled in Uncle Sam`s dragnet during the first weeks of the Afghanistan war.

The following story is an example of an innocent man who was tortured and robbed of his dignity by American interrogators and their cronies in Pakistan:

"A British `resident` held at Guantanamo Bay was identified as a terrorist after confessing he had visited a `joke` website on how to build a nuclear weapon, it was revealed last night.

Binyam Mohamed, a former UK asylum seeker, admitted to having read the `instructions` after allegedly being beaten, hung up by his wrists for a week and having a gun held to his head in a Pakistani jail."

Jason Lewis/DailyMail.Co.UK

Mohamed has been imprisoned for eight years, the CIA shipped him off to be tortured in Pakistan, Morocco and Afghanistan, before he was finally transferred to Gitmo.

Only the Dr. Strangelove-type characters employed by the CIA would think that someone who reads a humorous account on how to build a nuclear device is planning on setting off a dirty bomb in New York City.

A democracy shouldn`t torture and it shouldn`t outsource torture. Obama has broken his promise to end rendition (shipping suspected terrorists to countries where they can be tortured with impunity) this ungodly practice continues under his administration.

It`s incumbent upon liberals to hold Obama`s feet to the fire; we must implore him to close Gitmo immediately and to once and for all end the policy of rendition.