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Published:February 21st, 2009 11:16 EST
Obama Show Some Backbone: Call Upon Burris To Resign

Obama Show Some Backbone: Call Upon Burris To Resign

By Robert Paul Reyes

Roland Burris is a political hack who never would have been elected to the Senate under his own merits. To spite the Democrats then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich appointed Burris to fill Obama`s vacant Senate seat. If Burris had a shred of integrity he would have turned down the tainted appointment by the disgraced governor.

Maybe Attorney General Eric Holder is correct and America is a "nation of cowards" when is comes to matters of race. The only reason Burris` appointment was not rejected by the Senate is because Burris instructed his surrogates play the race card for him. The Democratic Senators didn`t have the fortitude to stand up to the Democratic Black Caucus, and the losers are the citizens of Illinois and the American people.

Now that it`s been revealed that Burris is not only a hack but also a liar, it`s in the best interests of the citizens of Illinois if Burris does the right thing and resign from his seat.

As part of the process leading to Senate confirmation, Burris went before the House impeachment committee in Springfield and lied about his contacts with Blago`s cronies. In fact, Burris had told at least five different versions of his contacts with Blago`s associates. Burris has admitted that he even tried to raise money for Blago when he was being considered to fill the vacant Senate seat.

A group of Chicago area black ministers is calling for Burris to step down, but why has President Barack Obama been silent on this issue? Doesn`t Obama care that his former Senate seat is held by an imposter who doesn`t deserve to be a dogcatcher in the city of Chicago? During the campaign Obama railed against the Republicans "culture of corruption", but why doesn`t he speak out against corruption in his own ranks. Obama should display leadership and moral integrity, and call for Burris to step down.

If Burris disregards all the calls for him to resign, the Senate should immediately begin the process of impeaching the fraud. This should be one issue on which Democrats and Republicans agree: Burris is a hack, liar, imposter and a fraud who doesn`t belong in the Senate.