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Published:February 23rd, 2009 13:56 EST
Roland Burris Should Be Kicked To The Curb

Roland Burris Should Be Kicked To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes

There are many perplexing questions that even the best minds haven`t been able to solve: Paper or plastic? Pc or Mac? Should Mickey Rourke have won the Best Actor Oscar instead of Sean Penn? Who`s skankier Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan? Is "skankier" a word?

But one question is a no-brainer, even if you`ve had a lobotomy you should be able to answer correctly. Should Sen. Roland Burris resign? The answer is an emphatic and resounding yes!

Burris is a political hack who had lost his last four elections, even the jaded Illinois electorate couldn`t stand him. Burris got the political break of a lifetime when the disgraced and soon to be impeached Gov. Blagojevich appointed him to fill Obama`s old Senate seat. Blago did everything he could to undermine the system, and when he realized that his days in power were numbered, as a final F-You to the good people of Illinois, he appointed Burris to the Senate.

Burris has the gravitas of a feather duster, but he could have redeemed his lackluster career by turning down the tainted appointment by the disgraced governor. But Burris gleefully accepted and then immediately instructed his surrogates to play the race card to make it impossible for the cowardly Democrats to reject him.

After the latest revelations about Burris` conflicting replies to questions about his contacts with Blago and his cronies, even a person who`s had a lobotomy and had his brain replaced with a wet cabbage would agree that Burris must resign.

There are plenty of cabbage heads in the Senate, and even they should realize that they must expel Burris.