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Published:March 27th, 2009 12:07 EST
Obama: I'm Sending You To Die In Afghanistan

Obama: I'm Sending You To Die In Afghanistan

By Robert Paul Reyes

You don`t have to be a West Point graduate to know that the US is stuck in an unwinnable and untenable situation in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, our commander-in-chief doesn`t want to accept this truth, and desperate to do something (anything) Obama announced that he`s sending thousands more US forces into Afghanistan.

To attain cred as a military leader Obama is dispatching our young men and women to death and dismemberment in Afghanistan.

America shouldn`t interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan or Pakistan -- if those countries succumb to Islamic fanaticism or a military dictatorship so be it. God hasn`t appointed America as the power who makes sure that every country in the world embraces democracy.

Shortly after 9/11 we decimated al Qaeda in Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban, we should have declared victory back then and got the hell out of Afghanistan. There is no compelling reason for us to remain in Afghanistan, or to meddle in the affairs of Pakistan.

I voted for Obama becasue he promised to get us out of Iraq as quickly as possible, but now he is increasing our involvment in another illegal, immoral and senseless war.

"Those who don`t remember the past or doomed to repeat it." Damn, has Obama forgotten so quickly the lessons of Vietnam and the Russian misadventure in Afghanistan? (Not to mention Iraq.)