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Published:March 29th, 2009 11:35 EST

Armageddon Now: The End Of Civilization

By SOP newswire2

"A firestorm bordering on Armageddon."

"The end of civilization as we know it."

These are actual quotes from mega-rich CEOs about the Employee Free Choice Act.


We`ve got to take back the debate. And to do it, we`re launching a huge new public campaign in two days to show what this bill means to America`s workers.

To kick off of our "Faces of the Employee Free Choice Act" campaign, we`ll cover numerous buildings in Washington, DC with giant photographs of workers` faces, to remind lawmakers that their decision will affect real people " and that`s just the beginning. But we need your help to make it happen.

Help fund our campaign and fight the anti-union lies " we need to raise $25,000 this week.

The outlandish rhetoric of anti-union CEOs is absurd. One billionaire called the Employee Free Choice Act one of "two fundamental threats to society" (along with "radical Islam").

And their hysteria seems to be working: last Tuesday, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) said he`ll actively block the bill, even though he cosponsored it in 2005.

So we`re mounting an innovative, hard-hitting campaign to remind Specter and his fellow senators that this bill isn`t about firestorms or Armageddon " it`s about workers struggling for a better life as the economy crumbles around them. Here`s what your donation will support:

  • Enormous photos of workers covering numerous buildings in Washington, DC " so lawmakers will see the faces of the people their decision will affect.
  • Billboard trucks driving around legislators` district offices while they`re there, starting next week.
  • Flying the workers pictured on the billboards to Washington to tell their stories to the national media and Congress at a major event on Tuesday.
  • Leafleting, call-in days, rallies, and other grassroots action in lawmakers` home states.
  • Plus critical media work, meetings on Capitol Hill, videos, research, and more...

Unlike our opponents, we`re not sitting on a huge pile of money. But we`ve got the truth, along with a smart, strategic campaign. We`re depending on people like you to help make it possible.

Put our campaign into motion by helping us raise $25,000 this week.

Many members of Congress will be making up their minds while home on recess. Let`s make sure they hear from working people, not just hysterical billionaires.

Otherwise, middle-class workers will continue to bear the brunt of this recession. I hope you can lend a hand now, when it`s needed most.


Liz Cattaneo
American Rights at Work