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Published:April 4th, 2009 13:01 EST
Baby Daddy: Sarah Palin Let Bristol And I Share Room

Baby Daddy: Sarah Palin Let Bristol And I Share Room

By Robert Paul Reyes


"She knew?

You betcha, says the baby daddy of Sarah Palin`s grandson.

The Alaska governor most likely was aware before her daughter, Bristol, became pregnant that the teenager and her hockey hunk boyfriend were having sex, Levi Johnston said in a bombshell new interview."

When news of Bristol`s pregnancy first broke just days after Republican Presidential candidate John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, Palin professed to be "Shocked, Shocked, Shocked" at the revelation.

As a born again Christian and darling of the GOP conservative wing, Palin had to pretend that she was surprised that her daughter was a normal teenager who enjoys sex.

During her 2006 gubernatorial race Palin backed abstinence-only education, but her experience with her own randy daughter has shown her the futility of this Neanderthal approach to sex education.

The reasonable and intelligent way to teach sex education requires school-based clinics, explicit sex-education courses, and the distribution of condoms in schools.

Evangelicals and fundamentalists preach a strict personal morality, and they are quick to condemn anyone who engages in sex outside of marriage. But the divorce rate in evangelical circles is higher than the national average; evangelicals embrace postmodernism and situational ethics same as the culture at large.

"Johnston said he was sharing a room with Bristol Palin in the governor`s home prior to their recent break-up. He moved into the Palin home about one to two weeks before Bristol gave birth and was living there until they broke up."


Sarah Palin the fervent evangelical preaches that all sex outside of marriage is a sin, but she allowed her daughter and her Baby Daddy to shack up in her own home. Palin turned her own home into a den of iniquity!

This revelation will not diminish Palin`s popularity with the fundamentalists, they are pragmatists who are pinning their hopes on Palin to recapture the White House in 2012.