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Published:April 5th, 2009 14:42 EST
Obama Admin Drops "Global War On Terror" Phrase

Obama Admin Drops "Global War On Terror" Phrase

By Robert Paul Reyes

"SECRETARY OF STATE Hillary Rodham Clinton recently confirmed that the Obama administration has dropped the phrase `global war on terror.` She didn`t say why. `I think that speaks for itself. Obviously,` was her elaboration." WashingtonPost.Com

President George W. Bush`s phrase "global war on terror" is grandiose and it`s meant to whip up Americans into a frenzy of patriotism.

Bush`s disingenuous slogan is jingoistic, and politically-correct at the same time. We are not at war against "terror, we are fighting Islamic fundamentalists (oxymoron?) who employ terrorism as a weapon.

Why was Bush too timid to point out that our enemies are the Jihadists? How can you win a war if you are too cowardly to mention your enemy`s name?

America is not adverse to using terror as a weapon, we "shocked and awed" Sadam`s regime into submission, killing tens of thousands of civilians in the process.

Bush found it easy to rally Americans behind the global war on terror, unfortunately the target of Bush`s war was the civil liberties of the American people. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist organizations are stronger than ever, but our civil liberties have been severely diminished by the Patriot Act.

I`m relived that the Obama administration is no longer using the ridiculous phrase, but he should go a step further and make it his mission to repeal the Patriot Act.

Islamic organizations still pose a threat, but we can defeat them without compromising our liberty and betraying our ideals by torturing suspected terrorists.

Invading and occupying Muslim nations is an insane way to fight terror, it emboldens the enemy and gives them a cause to rally around.

Regardless how many thousands of our warriors are killed on the battlefield, we will never bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan. These nations are destined to succumb to Islamic fascism, we should declare victory and leave those benighted souls to the mercy of their bloody deity.