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Published:April 6th, 2009 11:09 EST
Michelle Obama A Big Hit In Europe

Michelle Obama A Big Hit In Europe

By Robert Paul Reyes

Barack Obama failed to convince the G-20 leaders that more stimulus spending is the solution to the global economic crisis, and he failed to persuade the world leaders to commit troops to Afghanistan. However the G-20 summit was a success for Obama, he charmed world leaders, enthralled the media, and energized the common people.

Obama is the only international leader (political or religious) who can be compared to the Messiah. Even hipsters and the hopelessly ironic get chills when they hear Obama deliver one of his patented speeches. Some of Obama`s legions of fans will follow him regardless if he is the Messiah or the Antichrist.

Obama`s star power fails to eclipse his wife, she is a star in her own right. As a matter of fact Michelle Obama enjoys higher approval ratings than her rock star husband.

After eight years of the incompetent and arrogant Bush administration our international reputation was severely tarnished. But Barack and Michelle Obama restored some of the luster to America`s good name this week.

Accompanying her husband, President Obama, on a pilgrimage to Old Europe, the First Lady dispensed smiles and hugs with the panache of a queen.The people of the world fell in love with the American Queen with the common touch. With her J.Crew outfits and her ready smile Michelle was a hit with commoners.

Any interaction with the Queen of England is fraught with peril, a person who disregards protocol or fails to observe proper etiquette will be branded a Philistine. When Michelle met the Queen of England she placed her arm around her (a big No No), but the Queen didn`t seem to mind. If Michelle can get away with touching English royalty, she could probably get away with giving the Pope a wedgie.

With Barack and Michelle Obama representing us before the leaders of the world, I`ve never been so proud of my country.