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Published:April 20th, 2009 13:49 EST
Obama Must Go After Bush Team Of Torturers

Obama Must Go After Bush Team Of Torturers

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independence are the principal documents that define America. These official papers speak of the brotherhood of man, freedom of expression and freedom from tyranny, and they are universally regarded as America`s greatest contribution to the codification and expression of democracy.

In eight short years George W. Bush sullied America`s international reputation, and left the peoples of the world wondering if America still abides by our founding charters.

Bush`s Patriot Act stripped Americans of their civil liberties and Bush`s torture memos gave license to the military and CIA to torture suspected terrorists, many of whom were guilty only of farming while Muslim.

It`s no longer The Declaration of Independence that defines America to the world, for too many foreigners our great democracy is now defined by the Patriot Act and the Bush torture memos.

The authorship of some of the torture memos is under dispute, but John Yoo who was a legal advisor to President Bush wrote most of them. Yoo contributed to the Patriot Act, and wrote most of the infamous torture memos in which he advocated the legality of torture, and argued that "enemy combatants" could be denied protection under the Geneva Conventions.

President Obama has commenced the struggle to restore America`s good name, he has shown a willingness to talk peace instead of threatening war.

But the only way in which the world will be convinced that we have returned to our democratic roots is if the authors of the torture memos are brought to justice. There should be no amnesty for torturers, and we shouldn`t allow them to hide under "executive privilege".

President Obama recently released a few of the torture memos, this is a good start but he must release all of the memos. Obama must valiantly defend the Constitution against the crimes of Bush and Cheney.

The Obama administration isn`t going to prosecute CIA agents who engaged in torture because the Bush legal team told them it was legal. Under this spurious logic Germans who ran concentration camps shouldn`t have been prosecuted because genocide and torture were legal under the Nazi regime.

But it`s not the CIA agents but Bush, Cheney and Yoo that the Obama administration should be most concerned about bringing to justice. Attorney General Eric Holder must immediately appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the torture and warrantless wiretapping that was rampant in the Bush administration.

Because the Obama administration has thus far failed to adequately deal with the torturers, Spain has stepped into the breach. Spain has started legal proceedings investigating the torture cabal in the Bush administration, unfortunately it looks like the torture probe is going to come to a halt.

"Spanish prosecutors have recommended against an investigation into allegations that six senior members of the administration of George Bush, the former US president, gave legal cover for the torture of `terror` suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

The prosecutors` ruling is not binding, but it could mean the case against the suspects fails to proceed.

Spanish law gives its courts jurisdiction beyond national borders in cases of torture, war crimes and other heinous offences, based on a doctrine known as universal justice."

We shouldn`t depend on Spain or the World Court to do our dirty work for us, it`s imperative that we punish the torturers.

Dear readers if you love America and hate those who have tarnished our reputation abroad and stripped away our civil liberties in the homeland please sign the online petition that tells Congress: No Amnesty for torturers

If you can tolerate an Orwellian world where torture is called "enhanced interrogation" then simply do nothing. If an America that outsources torture doesn`t bother you, go back to googling Paris Hilton. But if you want America to once again stand for liberty, equality and justice, demand that Obama and Congress take action against the Bush team of torturers.