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Published:June 6th, 2009 14:33 EST
Couple Accused Of Spying For Cuba For 30 Years

Couple Accused Of Spying For Cuba For 30 Years

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A retired State Department worker and his wife have been arrested on charges of spying for Cuba over three decades, using grocery carts among their array of tools to pass government secrets, according to an indictment unsealed Friday.

The indictment says Walter Kendall Myers worked his way into higher and higher U.S. security clearances while secretly partnering with his wife, Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers, as clandestine agents so valued by the Cuban government that they once had a private four-hour meeting with President Fidel Castro.

David Kris, assistant attorney general for national security, described the couple`s alleged spying for the communist government as `incredibly serious.`"

In the movies spies are depicted as suave, handsome, young and sophisticated, but in real life not all spooks are as debonair as James Bond.

Case in point: Walter and Gwendolyn Myers, a retired couple in their 70`s, who have been spying for Cuba for over three decades. In films spies exchange messages via encrypted email, but in her early days as a spy Gwendolyn used grocery carts to pass on sensitive information to her Cuban masters.

The elderly couple weren`t financially compensated by the Cubans, the geriatric spies regarded their spying for Cuba as a labor of love. They fell in love with the island paradise, and regarded Fidel Castro as a revolutionary hero who thrived despite the many attempts of the CIA to murder him and to undermine his authority.

The arrest of these agents could not have come at a worse time for those who desire normal relations between the United States and Cuba. The Obama administration recently eased a trade embargo imposed on Cuba in 1962

Hopefully this unfortunate episode won`t affect congressional support for Obama`s attempt to normalize relations with Cuba.

We probably have hundreds of spies in Cuba, we shouldn`t lash out at the island nation because two American citizens were in their employ. God knows that for the 30 years that the couple has been illegal agents for the communist country, America has engaged in a relentless campaign to isolate and ostracize Cuba. It is Cuba and not America that has every right to be angry and frustrated.

We shouldn`t be mad at Cuba, but at the inept intelligence agencies who were unable to uncover these spies.

Obama shouldn`t let right-wing Cuban Americans and their allies in Congress use this incident as an excuse to halt the normalization of relations with Cuba. It is in the best interests of America if we enjoy friendly relations with Cuba.