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Published:July 31st, 2009 18:52 EST
Glenn Beck: Obama Has Deep-Seated Hatred Of White People

Glenn Beck: Obama Has Deep-Seated Hatred Of White People

By Robert Paul Reyes


"FOX News host Glenn Beck dialed up his rhetoric against President Obama Tuesday, branding the president a `racist` in an appearance on the morning show `Fox and Friends.`

Beck charged that the president`s handling of the controversy over the arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. displayed a `deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.`"

Moderation, contemplation, reasoned discourse and a bipartisanship spirit have been banished from the GOP. The birthers, tea baggers, Palin nuts and demented pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Beck are now in control of the Republican Party.

Fox News, the news organ of the GOP, gives a platform to these divisive commentators. It seems Bill O`Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are in a contest to see who can spew the most outrageous and controversial remark.

Glenn Beck has been savaged by the late night comics for his penchant for crying like a school girl for no discernable reason. In an attempt to demonstrate that he is as macho as they come, he has blasted Obama as a "racist" with a "deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture."

Beck`s claims are so crazy that I feel silly refuting them. Obama with his multi-cultural background, and his inclusive and open administration, is the very symbol of racial harmony.

Sean Hannity is going to have to try real hard to top Beck. Maybe Hannity will accuse Obama of being an extraterrestrial with a deep-seating hatred of human beings.