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Published:August 2nd, 2009 13:16 EST
Is Sarah Palin Going To Divorce Her Husband?

Is Sarah Palin Going To Divorce Her Husband?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"To anyone who was excited about the idea of Sarah Palin being suddenly single: Sorry.

The former Alaska governor has no plans to divorce, insists a Palin spokeswoman, flatly denying Internet reports that the former Republican vice presidential candidate and her husband, Todd, are splitting up." read more:

If indeed the multiple sources stating that Sarah Palin plans to divorce are untrue, she has only herself to blame for the rumors. Palin quit abruptly as governor of Alaska without giving any reasons, this had led pundits to speculate as to what was behind her sudden resignation.

I wouldn`t be surprised if Todd is planning on divorcing Palin. It must be very difficult for a man to take a back seat to a wife who is a blithering idiot.

When Palin resigned she promised to keep in touch with her followers via Twitter, but we haven`t heard a single tweet from her. Why did Palin have her spokesperson deny the rumors, instead of addressing the rumors herself?

Is it because Palin is so overcome with grief over her marital relationship? Until Palin speaks up the rumors will continue to fly.