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Published:August 3rd, 2009 15:48 EST
Is It Sexist To Argue That Sarah Palin's Best Move Is To Stay At Home?

Is It Sexist To Argue That Sarah Palin's Best Move Is To Stay At Home?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Free from her old job as Alaska governor, Sarah Palin resurfaced over the weekend at a friendly venue -- a gathering of gun collectors.

The former vice presidential candidate, who resigned as governor on July 26, gave a speech Saturday night at the Anchorage banquet which capped a four-day National Rifle Association seminar.

NRA director Wayne Anthony Ross told The Associated Press that Palin attended a dinner with husband Todd and spoke to about 130 attendees about gun rights."

After quitting as governor of Alaska Palin`s hopes of one day becoming president are toast. Palin`s conservative base will never desert her, even if she sacrificed her firstborn to Jehovah. But everyone else perceives the former governor of Alaska as a quitter and a lightweight.

Sarah`s home life isn`t any better, multiple sources are reporting that she is on the verge of divorcing the First Dude. Not to mention that she has a toddler with Down Syndrome, and a young daughter with a baby of her own.

I don`t think anybody would accuse me of being a male chauvinist if I counseled Palin to stay home and minister to her family.

But Palin loves the spotlight too much, and she isn`t content to tend to the home fires. Palin is already running for president, as evidenced by her speech to the gun collectors.

Palin is so clueless she doesn`t realize the Quixotic nature of her quest for the White House. Palin will never expand beyond her base of birthers, tea baggers, gun nuts, evangelicals, and pro-life zealots. Trig will be awarded A Rhodes Scholarship before Palin wins the presidency.