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Published:August 4th, 2009 11:38 EST
Why Isn't Sarah Palin Tweeting?

Why Isn't Sarah Palin Tweeting?

By Robert Paul Reyes

In her final months as governor Sarah Palin was tweeting up a storm, but since she resigned we haven`t heard a single tweet from her.

Palin promised to keep in touch with her legion of tea bagging fans via Twitter and Facebook, they are worried sick about her silence.

I am at a loss to explain Palin`s absence from Twitter. The social networking site was tailor made for the grammar-impaired former governor of Alaska, who has trouble stringing two words together. Palin and Twitter (which limits each entry to 140 characters) are a match made in cyber heaven.

Palin may be mute, but the blogosphere is busy speculating over why Palin isn`t speaking. Is she too overcome with grief over the failure of her marriage? Google "Sarah Palin divorce scandal", and you will get almost five million hits.

For the record Palin`s spokesperson has refuted the divorce rumors, but Palin herself hasn`t addressed the controversy.

I would advise Palin to fire off a few tweets to satisfy her fans, and to quell the rumors that her silence has generated.

I want Palin to start tweeting again because her disjointed statements never fail to elicit a laugh. But I can`t believe that some folks are patiently waiting to hear from the bimbo.