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Published:August 12th, 2009 10:26 EST
Sarah Palin's Outrageous "Death Panel" Remark

Sarah Palin's Outrageous "Death Panel" Remark

By Robert Paul Reyes

An intelligent and educated individual sees shades of gray, and he will take a balanced and nuanced approach to dealing with difficult issues.

Sarah Palin on the other hand, because of her intellectual deficit and evangelical world view sees the world in black and white.

An intellectually-challenged evangelical is susceptible to making outrageous comments that horrify the mainstream, but resonate with the conservative base. During the 2008 presidential campaign Palin called Obama a socialist, and accused him of palling around with terrorists.

Palin`s hateful rhetoric was soundly rejected by the electorate, but she is still uttering crazy, untruthful and divisive statements.

The health care reform debate is at a fever pitch, thanks to town hall meeting trolls who`s sole object is to disrupt the democratic process. We need reasonable leaders to step up to the forefront, but what do we get?

Firebrand Sarah Palin entered the health care debate, and she`s managed to make the most ridiculous and crazy statement on the subject thus far.

"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama`s `death panel` so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their `level of productivity in society,` whether they are worthy of health care." Sarah Palin on her Facebook page

Sarah Palin often accuses her critics of ridiculing her children , but she`s the one who puts them in the spotlight. If Palin is going to use Trig as a political prop, she shouldn`t be surprised if some of the more insensitive folks on the left make fun of him.

Palin`s notion of a "death panel" is unadulterated hogwash! None of the versions of the health care bill floating around in Congress mention anything about a death panel.

Palin characterized Obama`s health care proposal as "downright evil and a step toward euthanasia." Palin is the one who is waxing evil by grossly misrepresenting the president`s plan.

Palin got so much heat for her intemperate remarks, that she backtracked a little bit and called for civil discourse on the controversial subject.

Obama doesn`t want to kill Trig or pull the plug on the elderly, he simply wants health care to be affordable and available to everyone. Health care is a right and not a privilege, and it`s high time that we joined the rest of the civilized world, and adopted a national health care plan.

Adopting Obama`s compassionate and reasoned approach will result in a nation where everyone has an affordable health care coverage. Listening to nutjobs like Palin will result in a country where poor folks who are ill will have no recourse but to pray to Palin`s god.