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Published:August 24th, 2009 13:42 EST
The Sludge on Every Wall

The Sludge on Every Wall

By Rouben Alikian

They say beauty is skin deep. How can one call something they cannot see beautiful, if it is an adjective reserved for the physical and only abstractly used on non-physical virtues?


 A rotten soul is somehow something that characterizes the society of this century. Every century has a certain trait attached to it and that society evolves with time, it takes on the characteristics and traits poured onto it by the socio economic conditions of the times. Fortunately or unfortunately, today`s society is a horrendous mix of contrasts.


 The innumerable advances in technology have produced an equally mind-boggling supply of goods that will only get more and more elaborate with progress, but who are they reserved for? Any economy stands on three basic principles thanks to the law of scarcity. Since we have limited resources, every society has to decide what to produce, how to produce and for whom. The question today is no longer for whom, because the society has chosen that when they resolved the questions of how and what to introduce into the market.


 The how is solved by advances in manufacturing that are centralized in economic powerhouse nations with the most advanced technologies and is decided simultaneously when the economy decides what to employ those technologies for. Since it is very expensive to operate the machinery and buy the products, economists and manufacturers have found it very cost efficient to focus their production of luxury items that provide the highest value for money even with a much smaller clientele.


 This is where the answer to who comes in. It was never a question in itself, it was only a matter of time until the so called middle class vanished and was replaced with only two strata, the lower and upper classes. No matter how large the lower class gets and frustrates with the economic circumstances, the upper classes will still maintain its superiority due to their vast amounts of capital acquired through the only means possible, corruption and production.


 And that is today`s societal trait, ruthlessness, absence of any kind of devotion to anything other than yourself. But perhaps it is possible to ask the question as to why? Why is this society so centered around the material? The answer is right before your eyes. The inhumanly large supply of luxury products is designed to create desire by constantly updating the variety and enforcing a subconscious desire to buy so as to seem unique in a completely grey mass of identicals.


 This desire is the product of the main trait of today`s society, emptiness. Emptiness of the soul and a complete loss of cranial activity beyond a hedonistic perception is what characterizes this day`s humanity. The only thing on the minds of new generations and their slightly older teachers is the will to have fun no matter how useless, time consuming and meaningless that perception of leisure activity is in a realistic perspective.


 Why don`t you ask yourself, what are you getting from standing around in a smoked up, stinky, dirty bar with a glass of bartender`s urine while indiscernible music blares all around you? Are you getting something you can put in your pocket? No, instead, you`re emptying yours for the corrupt and degenerate pleasure of others. Is there some kind of sick fetish in running after the new gadget and being the first to have it? Is it your fifteen minutes of fame in that same bar where you impress those around with it until they forget about you altogether? Or is it something more profoundly superficial like a complete lack of anything better to do?


 Either way, you lose. You gain nothing by giving in to societal pressure and being like the rest, the only thing you get is a complete loss of character and a blending in with the masses that will not pity you in the end. Just as branding you skin is part of many initiation rituals in gangs on the streets, so is giving up your individuality for the sake of surrendering to fear.


 Those who hide behind the answer I chose to be so are denying the obvious reason for their choice. They are afraid of standing up to the society they are in, they fear to be unique, because it is difficult, challenging and dangerous. One can jump right into the anonymous mass and feed the pockets of the rich and famous whom they crave to be like, but the result is the perversion of the soul with a pathetic amalgamation of someone else`s uniqueness.


 Look around you and you will notice the instant contrast. Why does love no longer exists in its purest form and is instead replaced with only economic decisions on both sides of the marital contract? Why are those who cannot afford a new car cast aside as pathetic losers? Why is it that the corrupt are rewarded for their crimes?


 Well, it`s easy, frankly, because those at the top rule our lives by being ruthless and instead of going to grey mass herd gatherings, they kept their individuality and stayed unique, using that to become someone and rule the nameless masses who feed them by giving away their hard earned cash for the entertainments forced upon them.


 The truth is there, and no matter where you turn, you see the same filthy sludge on every wall, every street and every desk. It was Diderot who said it is best to be alone than with god knows who".