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Published:August 28th, 2009 14:38 EST
Cindy Sheehan: Obama's Wars Now

Cindy Sheehan: Obama's Wars Now

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The War in Afghanistan, which began on October 7, 2001 as the U.S. military operation Operation Enduring Freedom, was launched by the United States with the United Kingdom in response to the September 11, attacks.

The stated aim of the invasion was to find Osama bin Laden and other high-ranking Al-Qaeda members and put them on trial, to destroy the whole organization of Al-Qaeda, and to remove the Taliban regime which supported and gave safe harbor to Al-Qaeda." Wikipedia

President George W. Bush failed to meet any of his stated objectives: bin Laden is alive and well and still taunting the US with his periodic videos; the Taliban is resurgent in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and al-Qaeda still poses a lethal threat to the United States.

Instead of aiming the full fury of the American war machine against Afghanistan, Bush and his neo-con cronies launched an illegal, immoral, pre-emptive and ultimately ill-fated war against Iraq. As soon as the American troops leave, Iraq will revert to anarchy, and nothing will have been gained.

We are also losing the war in Afghanistan, our brave soldiers are dying in vain. Our warriors aren`t dying for democracy or to protect us from terrorism, they are shedding their blood to line the pockets of defense contractors.

Obama has failed to learn the lessons from Iraq, he has vastly increased our troop levels in Afghanistan. We are trying to establish a democracy in Afghanistan, but that`s mission impossible. Afghanistan has never been a cohesive country, it`s an amalgamation of fiefdoms ruled by warlords and criminals.

We should declare victory, and get the hell out of Afghanistan immediately. The war in Afghanistan is as immoral and criminal as the Vietnam and Iraq wars. Where the hell is the voice of the anti-war left?

Why is Cindy Sheehan one of only a handful of prominent liberals who is speaking out against this imperialist war against the people of Afghanistan?

"After spending weeks dogging George W. Bush`s presidential vacations, anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan is now trying to make life uncomfortable for President Barack Obama.

Sheehan used to pitch a peace camp near Bush`s ranch in Crawford, Texas, becoming a symbol of the anti-war movement after her son Casey died in action in Iraq.

On Thursday, she and a band of anti-war protesters turned up outside the media center used by journalists covering Obama`s vacation on the well-heeled east coast resort island of Martha`s Vineyard."

Sheehan may be a bit kooky, but she`s just about the only one condemning the Afghanistan war. Sheehan should have been joined by tens of thousands of anti-war protestors.

This is now Obama`s war, and we can`t let him off the hook just because he`s a progressive. It`s Obama who has sent thousands more of our young boys and girls to shed their blood for nothing in Afghanistan. It`s Obama with blood on his hands, and protestors must dog him and not give him a minute`s peace until he pulls our troops out of Afghanistan.

I applaud Sheehan for her courage, and I beseech my fellow liberals to join us in condemning Obama`s foolish and immoral war.