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Published:August 30th, 2009 12:15 EST
Where does VA budget money go? to VA employees?

Where does VA budget money go? to VA employees?

By Fred Rendon


As I read in an article on the Internet about how the VA employees were lavishing each other with bonuses and education benefits and that the bonuses are in the neighborhood of twenty million dollars I am sickened to my stomach.


Omar Vasquez is awaiting trial for murder from his PTSD related murder, Pat Lamoureux  from Las Vegas Nevada is behind bars for having gotten into a gun fight with police in that town.


I suffered most of my life with PTSD symptoms and let a very rough life along with my family and broke most of the time due to inability to keep a job. My PTSD symptoms made me feel like I was going to lose control most of my life. The VA was there constantly denying my claims, finding a way to keep from helping me. Do not misunderstand it is not only about me it is about all the other Veterans who have been kicked aside and ignore by the VA.


Down here in Harlingen where I live we have thousands of veterans but some speak very little English and are afraid to ask or have asked and simply been denied and they think well if the VA says there was nothing wrong well there is probably nothing wrong. I am currently helping a veteran who is 58 years old; he served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange and gun fire. He has been working as a lawn man for most of his life. He makes twenty or thirty dollars a day and the reason he came to see me is that he wants to file a claim but does not know how to file it. He went to our Cameron County Service officer and the CS sent in a claim containing about eight or nine different issues.


That was the dumbest thing he cold possibility do. The VA will have a field day with this 58 year old sick veteran. If he is sick enough and the VA plays it`s cards right they will outlast the veteran and therefore will not pay for him or his widow, they can save that money for their bonuses they get for denying Veterans claims.


It took me fifteen years for the Veterans Administration to recognize my PTSD and that was in 1995.  I am currently waiting on a decision which is with the Court of Veterans Appeals. The last time I appealed I was informed I would be denied because I appealed the VA`s decision but I failed to DISAGREE WITH THE DECISION". So instead of granting my benefit I was put back into the infamous back log".


 Ladies and gentleman if we want to get God back into our schools and begin to hold our representatives responsible we will have to vote out the current congressman and other legislators and vote in lawmakers who are not there for the special interest groups but to represent the will of their constituents. How is our monetary crisis going to get better when we have the very same congressmen trying to fix what they broke?


Those hearings where these idiots` are giving billions of dollars to banks who turn around and celebrate by sharing this tax money with the CEO`s to convince them not to leave????? What a crock.


Have any of you Veterans out there ever actually spoken to your congressman or senator?  I have been asking for help from Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Rick Perry, John Cornyn (John`s Veterans liaison told me I should be thankful to be getting anything at all), President Obama, Bush, Senator Akaka, the list goes on and on and I have never ever been able to talk to any of these royal individuals.  How can they know what I am thinking?


I have written a book describing my life after Vietnam and how I COULD HAVE HAD A BETER LIFE.