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Published:September 3rd, 2009 08:48 EST
Blast from the Past:  Bush, Poindexter, and TIA

Blast from the Past: Bush, Poindexter, and TIA

By Rob Roy

I criticized the current administration today:

Do Peons Deserve Privacy Too?

But I`m not out to pick on just one party -- I think that both parties treat us like peons.  They want their precious privacy, but when it`s us peons, forget it.

Let us not forget that the Bush Administration [via Admiral Poindexter`s TIA] was also guilty of a privacy triple standard.  It is not just politicians who want privacy, but please consider this -- undocumented border crossers have so much privacy that they might as well be the Men in Black.

That is something that just sticks in my craw. Every time we have a rectal exam, they want it filed away.  But illegal immigrants?  Ha!  They could be crossing the border with dirty nukes, and who would know?  If only they gave our borders half the security that our military bases enjoy.

Regarding Admiral Poindexter and TIA [Total Information Awareness]  here is a good place for a refresher:

One snippet:

DARPA Plans "Total Information Awareness." The New York Times reports that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a tracking system called "Total Information Awareness" (TIA), that claims to detect terrorists through analyzing troves of information. The system, being developed by John Poindexter, the director of DARPA`s Information Awareness Office, is envisioned to give law enforcement access to private data without suspicion of wrongdoing or a warrant. [snip]

OK, so they want all this info about us.  But their lack of border security is the real danger.  Any politician who ignores the borders can`t possibly justify gathering more intel on US citizens, nor can such a politician honestly say that he or she is truly serious about terror threats.  That is what I think about Bush, about Obama, about DC in general.  It is just a game to them, and it makes me sick.