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Published:September 4th, 2009 10:15 EST
Otter`s all talk and proved it!

Otter`s all talk and proved it!

By Rex Rammell

How many times did Butch Otter say I want the first wolf tag " during his run for governor in 2006 and since?    When asked why he didn`t get the first wolf tag he explained, he was at a funeral.  

Now don`t get me wrong, governor or not, it was appropriate for him to honor his long time friend by attending his funeral.  But couldn`t Otter have made good on his word by having someone else get the first tag for him?  It seems to me since Otter made such a big deal out of getting the first tag " it was his campaign mantra " he should have arranged to get the first tag, as a matter of keeping his word.  Don`t tell me the Fish and Game couldn`t have made sure Otter " the governor of Idaho, the great wolf hunter " received the first tag. 

Of course they could have, and it wouldn`t have been inappropriate or unfair either.  After all, Idahoans who have looked to Otter for leadership in this area, and even cast their votes for him because he promised to do something about the wolf problem, expected it. Surely, they would have wanted him to have the first wolf tag. 

So what made the governor go into hiding when the big event finally came to pass?  Some think it was the threats by the pro-wolf community to boycott Idaho.  If that is the case, we have a coward for a governor.  Whatever, the reason, Otter has proven, again, he is all talk."
Rex Rammell
367 Talon Dr.
Rexburg, Idaho 83440