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Published:September 9th, 2009 19:19 EST
A Blessing In Wolves Clothing

A Blessing In Wolves Clothing

By Rex Rammell

Judge Malloy`s decision to temporarily not relist the wolves is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing, because it is long overdue that at least some Canadian wolves in Idaho be eliminated.  A curse, if the delisting survives the continuing legal process, because Idahoans and Montanans will be pacified into believing that the problem is under control. 

The simple fact is: if Idaho is allowed to hunt and can kill 200 plus wolves (big question), the number remaining, 500+ , is still too high to prevent irreparable damage to Idaho`s big game herds.  Wyoming took the correct stand.  With the exception of a corridor around Yellowstone National Park, no wolves will be tolerated in Wyoming. 

Governor Otter`s limit of 500+ wolves, after the hunt, is still unacceptable.  The only acceptable number of Canadian wolves in Idaho is "zero."  If I am elected Governor, on my first day, I will sign an executive order to stand down all Idaho Fish and Game officers from protecting the wolves.  They are federal wolves protected by federal law.  States have no legal requirement to enforce federal law.  See Mack vs. U.S., 1997.
Rex Rammell