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Published:September 9th, 2009 14:53 EST
The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shall Not Criticize another Republican

The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shall Not Criticize another Republican

By Rex Rammell

When I first learned of this commandment, I was speaking at a republican banquet as a candidate.  Jim Risch made the statement and aimed it specifically at me, because I had criticized him in the past.  Because they only gave me two minutes to speak, I was unable to point out that the ninth commandment requires a person to be honest, and it came from GOD, not the GOP.

There is no question the country club republicans in Idaho do not like me.  They take criticism like a hive of bees takes a good shaking.  And they really don`t take it well when it is the truth; makes them look bad.    Unfortunately for them, I am an unabashed conservative, immune to bee stings.  Not only will I continue to shake their hive if they don`t start following the conservative GOP platform, I intend to knock it out the tree.

Their over-the-top condemnation of my polite response to an innocent joke goes far beyond the meaning of hypocrisy.  Anybody with a brain could see their intent.  If a lesser threat to their power had made the same comment, they would not have said a word.

Dan Popkey in an Idaho Statesman article said Rammell says Otter out to "destroy` him. "  Dan, that is not what I said.   I said they " " Otter, Risch, Simpson, Crapo, and Batt " are out to destroy " me.  And that shouldn`t be too hard to believe?  After all, am I not threatening their kingdom?  I told Popkey and others at a press conference, my attorney John Runft had received a confidential phone call the morning before I announced, threatening me if I went ahead with my decision to run for governor.  Popkey immediately called Runft and asked him if he had received a physical " threat to destroy Rammell.  If there was any threat like that I`d report it to the police, " Runft said. I mean, come on. This is absurd. "

 In classic Popkey style, he claimed But the gubernatorial candidate`s own lawyer calls the claim absurd. " Nice reporting Dan.  John Runft released the following statement refuting Popkey, The point here is that I was referring to the hypothetical of a physical threat that was raised in my conversation with Mr. Popkey as being absurd " " not to anything that Dr. Rammell or I actually said.

Honesty seems to be a standard too high for the country club republicans and Mr. Popkey.  But Rex Rammell will continue to tell the truth, no matter how many bees he upsets.
Rex Rammell
367 Talon Dr.,
Rexburg, Idaho 83440