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Published:September 11th, 2009 21:15 EST
Remembering 9/11 from a Universalist and Scholar's Point of View

Remembering 9/11 from a Universalist and Scholar's Point of View

By Sean Beelzebul

Amidst the sea of countless articles posted and published today on the subject, I am writing today to present a differing perspective. Studying religion extensively for the better half of my life, I hope that this perspective I am offering today can become more widely recognized. Muslims did not perpetrate the acts of terror on 9/11/2001, extremists did. Neither a Christian nor a fully American government fought back in vengeance since, extremists did. Let us start a brief genealogy on the topic:

Wahabism is a relatively new branch of Islam that started in Saudi Arabia in the 19th century. Reading the Quran literally, imposing stringent laws, and the utilization of a very resource rich part of the world, became their means to power. Wahabism is an extremist branch of Islam that interprets the well recited Quaranic Chastisement with fire " as a literal and brutal assault. I do not believe this was the venerable prophet`s intention. Mohammad never fought a battle out of vengeance, resources, greed, or hate. Mohammad fought out of love for his people and compassion for his fellow man. In fact, every battle Mohammad the prophet fought was a battle for self-defense and self-preservation.

Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism are off-shoots of Christianity that only developed in their present forms in the last two hundred years. Imminent eschatology "rapture and the end of the world are the means of its great success. Utilizing fear and the media, Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism have usurped the throne of Mainline Protestantism, Catholicism, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity and have perverted Christianity`s true form. Reading the bible literally for the sake of manipulation and vengeance has been a mainstay for leaders obsessed with the false doctrine. George W. Bush embraced this belief system to his father`s chagrin and quite possibly led to the world of wars and battles that we are in today.

Were wars with Iraq and Afghanistan a correct means of self-defense? I am not a political theorist but from my formal and informal extensive studies of religion I can guarantee that Christ would have preferred to turn the other cheek, or at least build up the country`s defenses. Were the 9/11 attacks a correct means of chastisement for the Western world? I can likewise guarantee that Mohammad would have never thrown this first punch leading to the utter destruction of a good proportion of the Islamic world. Extremism exists in every branch of religion. However, it is up to the true followers and the true lovers of the world to ignore them, not fuel them into bellicosity and global deterioration!

"Sean Harrison Higgins 9/11/2009