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Published:September 15th, 2009 23:59 EST
President Obama and Those Who Oppose

President Obama and Those Who Oppose

By Geoff Dean

Thank you, Lois Calzone. Thank you so much. We all owe a debt of gratitude to this Maryland woman for summing up the assorted conspiracy theories about President Obama so concisely and succinctly.

 Ms. Calzone was a participant in the recent protest rally on the National Mall in Washington, the one sponsored by Freedom works among others. She was quoted at length in The Japan Times (Monday, September 14th, 2009) and on the front pages no less. She referred, in her brief political commentary, to President Obama as "a traitor", "either a Marxist or a Communist", "totally un-American", and funded by Saudi Arabia. She forgot to call him a "Nazi" and an "Islamic terrorist" but, all in all, she covered the main points.

 Let`s take a little look at some of the charges, Ms. Calzone, if you don`t mind. First off, President Obama is a "traitor". The Commander in Chief of the US Military is a traitor? That could be a problem, no? Unfortunately, I can see no evidence for this quite serious charge (treason is subject to the death penalty). Has he been slipping secrets to the Soviets? (Oops, they don`t exist anymore, although Putin rears his head from time to time. Close enough?) He shook hands with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. That`s about all I could come up with. Ms. Calzone, please give us the details so we can arrest our treacherous leader!

 President Obama is "either a Marxist or a Communist". Forgive me, Ms. Calzone, but I am not political scientist. What, to you, is the difference between the two? You didn`t call him a Socialist, as many do. How do you distinguish the three "isms" so I can know where to classify our comrade in chief? Or could it be that you are just throwing "isms" out there without any real idea of what they mean, hence the "either/or" comment attached to two things that are basically the same? As in, that man is either straight or heterosexual. Either atheistic or doesn`t believe in the existence of God. It couldn`t be that, could it, dear Ms. Calzone?

 President Obama is funded by Saudi Arabia? Interesting. It seems like Michael Moore and other leftists made the same claim about President Bush in a movie. Forgot the name. Why is it always Saudi Arabia? Surely, not because they are Islamic and Osama Bin Laden is from there. And why would the Saudi Arabians fund a "Marxist", anyway? Why fund someone who wants to ramp up the war in Afghanistan? And is our country so stupid that the Saudis can buy our elections and no one, except you, Ms. Calzone, seems to notice?

 President Obama is "totally un-American"? Can anyone be partially un-American? What exactly do you mean by this line of attack? People whom you disagree with are "un-American"? Maybe we should make a Senate committee to blackball those accused of "un-American" activities. But wait a moment, Ms. Calzone. You are in Washington to protest against the recently and fairly elected President of the United States. You are against the US government and the recently expressed will of the majority. You are attacking the Commander in Chief at a time of war. Perhaps, just perhaps, you are "un-American" yourself.

 In the photo that accompanied the Japan Times article, a male protester carried a sign that read "Stupidly is as stupidly does". And says. So true. Indeed, so true.