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Published:September 17th, 2009 12:58 EST
Jimmy Carter Is Right: Racism Behind Attacks Against Obama

Jimmy Carter Is Right: Racism Behind Attacks Against Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Republican party, Murdoch`s anchors and reporters make only a token attempt to hide their bias.

Then there are the infamous Fox News pundits like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity who are on a mission from God to destroy the Obama administration.

I was shocked to read an intelligent and eloquent defense of Jimmy Carter in of all places the Fox News Web site. Here are some excerpts from Marc Lamont Hill`s article in support of Carter`s contention that most of the opposition to Obama is rooted in racism:

"By identifying the racial dimensions of the current political moment, President Carter has pointed out a huge elephant in the room. Until the rest of the Democratic Party musters the courage to do the same on a regular basis, President Obama will continue to take unnecessary hits.

In the past few days, former President Jimmy Carter has caused a national firestorm by remarking that much of the current opposition to President Obama is rooted in racism. As expected, the racist wing of the GOP quickly dismissed Carter`s comments as wrongheaded and divisive. In truth, however, President Carter was merely identifying a political reality that many of us have been unable or unwilling to recognize: much of the current anti-Obama sentiment has little to do with policy and much to do with race."

Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Mike Savage are the equivalent of Joseph Goebbels, they stir the working class white masses into an o*gy of resentment against our first African American president. There is no need for me to recite the litany of racist comments uttered by these vile pundits. Intelligent folks recognize these venial men as rabble rousers, and their followers will only be emboldened if I repeat their racist rants.

Since Barack Obama emerged as a viable candidate, there has been an undercurrent of racism in the attacks against him. Unfortunately, it was the Clintons who initiated this race-based attack against Obama.

But while Bill Clinton`s race-based attack on Obama was subtle, some Republicans have thrown caution to the wind and have blatantly used racism as a bat to clobber the President of the United States.

Obama has been a practicing Christian for decades, but more than a few conservatives continue to insist that he is a Muslim. They know that in America the public associates Black Muslims with the controversial and racist Nation of Islam organization. Most black Muslims in America don`t belong to the Nation of Islam, and they are hardworking and patriotic.

The Birthers insist that Obama wasn`t born in this country, and therefore he is an illegitimate president and should be removed from office. The Birthers isn`t an insignificant cult that draws its members only from trailer parks and redneck bars, several prominent Republicans in Congress subscribe to the insane allegations of the Birther movement.

It doesn`t take a psychologist or a rocket scientist to discern that racism lies at the core of the Birther movement. These racists can`t very well argue that an African American shouldn`t be the President of the United States, so they try to delegitimize Obama`s administration by claiming he was born in Kenya.

I would love to believe that we are living in a post-racial America, but Jimmy Carter was only pointing out the obvious, and we shouldn`t shoot the messenger.

If you think that Carter was off-base in his assessment watch the clips on YouTube of the tea parties. The teabaggers are predominantly white, and they are very angry. Almost all of their signs display anti-Obama sentiments, and many of those signs are either implicitly or explicitly racist.

Jimmy Carter is a modern-day prophet, and if we have any chance of one day becoming a post-racial society we must take heed to his message.