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Published:September 20th, 2009 11:17 EST
The Patriot Act, How Patriotic Is It?

The Patriot Act, How Patriotic Is It?

By Fred Rendon

When I returned from Vietnam I had many emotional problems. These problems back then were called will-full misconduct by the Marine Corps. While I was fighting PTSD with the only thing I could which was alcohol, well I would get into trouble. Right after getting out of the Marine Corps I was working at a gas station in Bakersfield California pumping gas and selling cigarettes. There were many young men working there and we would come in while we were off and charge a tank of gas or a few packs of cigarettes and pay for them on payday. One night I came by and the guy working did not like me but I did not care I had more time than him and I got two packs of cigarettes and told him to write them down as always. Well this jerk called the police and latter that night I was arrested for burglary ". The next morning a detective came in to the jail and said he had a couple of questions about the burglary. I told him what had happened and after a good laugh he said I would be released in a while. That was in 1969 38 years ago. That charge is still on my record. When people ask me about the burglary I relay the story I just shared with you and some will believe it other well ". I don`t know how do you feel about it?


Imaging if you will that you are on the phone with your  best friend and you are planning a surprise birthday party for another friend and you are using code so that no one knows what you are saying so as not to let the cat out of the bag. The FBI have gotten an erroneous tip that your friend is a terrorist and the FBI are investigating  him off of a tip that he might be a terrorist (like I was a burglar) and they start to bring you into to the same ring as a terrorist also. Suddenly on a Friday you are both arrested and placed in different holding cells neither of you can be bailed out. Now remember that in the Patriot Act torture is in especially if it in the best interest of your country according to the agency who has decided you may me a terrorist. Your families are trying desperately to get you out of jail and there is no way. Your wives are going crazy trying to imagine what you have done what is going on and there is no one who knows anything. Monday morning the FBI realizes they made a mistake and laugh as they explain to you and your friend what happened. This arrest will be on your record forever and ever and your relationship has changed with your friend as both of you over the incarcerated weekend thought of different scenarios of what your friend must be involved in.


 George Bush thought of how to get everybody involved in the US after the fact of course. In the manor of George W he did not think about what he was going to do he just thought we will have so much power and we will be about to tap phones and we are going to arrest anyone we want to and we are not going to need a warrant all we need to do is have one of our FBI CIA G-Men do whatever they like. George W was adamant in his new Patriotic Act no one was above the law except for him and his friends. Imaging if you will the FBI boys with all of this power and getting mad at one of their friends and turning all of this power on them. Imagine the times they have dropped in on conversations, had people arrested then released for no reason except that is was for the good of the country. As thoughtful as our fore fathers were I do not think they wrote the constitution in order to deprive every citizen of their right to privacy, the pursuit of happiness, the right to bear arms. All of our constitutional rights are being trampled on.  Remember George W. was ruthless he lied about WMD he and his Vice President made money off of the oil without an ounce of shame. Look at the way George W. left the economy in the US and left as if he had done a spectacular job. He left us in two wars and what good has the Patriot Act done to fight terrorism? It is still going on in Iraq, a war George W. got us into without a reason except for him and Cheney to make money.


What rule in the constitution did he not break. I find it hard to believe that there are actually rational people in the United States who could think this invasion of privacy; this ruthless spy game is somehow beneficial. I could not be a more Patriotic American, I help my fellow man anyway I can, I have helped many Veterans apply for and received their VA benefits. That is my way to help; George W. want to listen to my conversations, come into my home without permission and arrest me without restraint, armed with the simple Patriot Act which he claims is for my protection? When it is all said and done who is the individual who actually will be armed with this weapon of private destruction? CIA, FBI, Local Police, Secret Service which is an acronym for Secret Service SS. What does that remind you of? Didn`t Hitler have a group of " " ".new.