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Published:September 23rd, 2009 19:59 EST

The Courage of a Former American President

By M. Quinn

While many Americans remain entirely apathetic with regard to engaging in any authentic discussion on the matter of  racism, and for all intents and purposes are clearly petrified to embark upon a discourse on this alleged taboo subject; former President Jimmy Carter has presented himself as a unquestionably courageous guardian of the truth; as he cited that most of the vitriol, and utter contempt waged against President Obama has less to do with the president`s health care proposal, but is squarely rooted in racism.
In fact, there are some within the United States of America who truly believe that a black man does not have the intelligence, fortitude or the right to be the president of the United States.
Mr. Carter`s intrepid position has lead everyone from politicians to the mainstream media to attempt to dismiss his position as completely inaccurate. However, we must ask ourselves, that if the former president`s statements were patently off the mark, then why are terms such as Afro-socialism " being employed in a utterly bigoted description of President Obama, coupled with signs depicting the president as Adolf Hitler; while others stating we want our country back. We must be very careful in attempting to assign these actions to merely a few extremist, while once again, missing a prime opportunity to have a genuine conversation on the legacy of racism within our nation.
It is undeniable that America has a protracted history of viewing African Americans as third class citizens at best, even when an individual has risen to the heights of an American president; and it is this contaminated mind-set which must be addressed in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many Americans continue their attempt to deny this fact, and proceed with their daily lives as if we can merely ignore the decadent history of racism in our society. The inability of most Americans to first wholly acknowledge America`s decadent past and similarly engage in an honest dialog on the subject of racism,  presents the American populous as clearly apathetic at best, and utter cowards at worst in regards to genuinely addressing this social malady.
An authentic discourse regarding racism within American society has been a forbidden prospect for much too long. We must applaud former President Jimmy Carter for his courage, and not remain apathetic regarding engaging in a genuine dialog on racism in our society.
Moreover, courageous individuals such as former President Jimmy Carter must be celebrated for their undeniable valor. It is essential, that We the People " become boldly unwavering in our pursuit to reverse the scourge of racism in our nation, and similarly commence a national campaign toward implementing sustainable solutions.

Equally, if we as a nation are ever going to achieve that status of true greatness, then we must be courageous enough to deal with matters pertaining to race and racism, without seeking the artificial cloak of denial as some sort of safe haven.

M. QUINN is a freelance journalist born in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Author of the books; Removing the Veil ", and RECOMPENSE A Matter of Human Rights ".

He is also the Founder of the Campaign to Remove the Veil"; which
advocates incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into the academic system of American society, and making it a prerequisite for graduation. He specializes in social, political, and historical analysis and commentary.






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