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Published:September 29th, 2009 20:10 EST
GOP No More Muslims to U.S.

GOP No More Muslims to U.S.

By SOP newswire2

 Big Country congressional hopeful Canyon Clowdus wants no more Muslim immigration to America.

But the conservative Republican doesn`t want to stop at the stance he outlined to radical blog Dr. Bulldog & Ronin, " which endorses him for 11th Congressional District representative "

Clowdus wants to halt Muslim immigration to stop what the blog termed a Stealth Jihad " and creeping sharia " to replace the Constitution with Islamic religious law "

A spokesman for an Islamic civil rights and advocacy group said the level of anti-Muslim rhetoric is rising, especially from the right.

Our research has shown that this kind of rhetoric is coming from a minority of Americans, but it`s a very vocal minority, " said Ibrahim Hooper of the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations.

CAIR asks mainstream leaders to challenge anti-Muslim talk if they hear it because silence equals consent or unspoken approval, Hooper said.

That`s why it`s the responsibility of people of goodwill in our society and particularly leaders in our society to challenge this kind of hate-filled bigoted rhetoric when it`s used anywhere in our society, " Hooper said...

If a Muslim woman is allowed to wear a headscarf in the workplace or a Muslim man is allowed to go to Friday prayers " any accommodation of a Muslim in American society " then that vocal minority views it as a creeping sharia, " he said.

For some reason, it drives these people crazy when Muslims practice their faith, " Hooper said. ACTION: Send a POLITE Letter to the Editor
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