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Published:October 9th, 2009 11:44 EST
Obama, Forget Health Care, We Need JOBS!

Obama, Forget Health Care, We Need JOBS!

By R.J. Smith

Obama is the president that just won`t quit.  Unlike the Clintons in 92, he refuses to back down on what may be the defining issue of his presidency; health care.  He wants to make sure every American has it.  Wait... what? 

Unlike other writers here and elsewhere on the net, writing just doesn`t pay the bills for me.  I have to hold a job.  Not just any job, but a sh*tty job.  The kind where you have to wake up at 3 am every morning and get paid $7.28 an hour to dig holes.  To say `It sucks" doesn`t quite convey my personal feelings on the situation properly.  More four letter words would be required.

So imagine my surprise when, the other day, two fresh faced twenty somethings knock on my door to secure my support for Obama`s health care plan.  Health care.  When I get paid minimum wage to dig holes.  To this, I reply thusly:

Mr. President, while I admire your gusto in the area of making sure to fulfill your campaign promises, and I think your heart is in the right place, your head is not.  All this gobbledygook about making sure I get proper medical care just doesn`t cut it for me, or millions of other Americans stuck in the same position as I.  It`s admirable, but... it`s also bullsh*t.

Sorry to be so blunt, Mr. President.  However, in this case I think you need a good talking to.  I challenge you to wake up 3 hours before sunrise to get paid sh*t to shovel the same.  I wake up before you do, Mr. President.  I go to the trenches.  Literally.  If you had to do the same, I think your outlook on life might change a bit.  Actually, I`m sure you would see things exactly the same way as I do.

Forget health care.  I`ll worry about what doctor I go to the second I can afford to get sick.  To be totally honest, sh*t is f*cked up out here, man.  Even if I did have cancer, and you did get me free quality health care, nothing would be different.  Rent needs to be paid.  I couldn`t miss a day of work even if my entire body was cut off.  I am not the only one.  And we are getting sick and tired of hearing about health care.

You, like many other politicians, are losing touch with the very people who busted their asses to get you elected.  I campaigned like a madman for you.  I made sure every man I knew got out to the polls and voted.  All I am asking for now is a little payback.  Get us back to work, Mr. President.  Please, for the love of all that is American, get us back to work. 

Stop the outsourcing of our jobs.  Sure, the Chinese need to work.  But so do we.  Stop these bastard contractors from hiring guys for half of what they are worth.  Shame these people into paying us right.  Show up at the job sites yourself if need be and kick ass.  The American worker needs you now more than ever.  Do not let us down.

Thank you for not reading this because I`m sure you won`t, Mr. President.  But on the off chance you do,  and you got some sh*t that needs shoveled and are willing to pay more than $7.28 and hour, I`m your guy.  My email address is in my profile.  I look forward to never hearing from you.

If Thomas Jefferson was around, I`m sure HE would at least have some leaves for me to rake.