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Published:October 14th, 2009 10:30 EST
Members Speak Out About Recent Right Wing Attacks On ACORN

Members Speak Out About Recent Right Wing Attacks On ACORN

By SOP newswire2

"I Am ACORN" - Video Edition

Tamecka Pierce - Orlando, FL

"ACORN to me is a vehicle for people who don`t have a voice. ACORN is an organization that empowers its people, educates its people, gives those who don`t have a voice a voice. It gives people hope, inspiration. ACORN to me is like therapy. If you look at all of the organizations in the United States, ACORN is the only organization that actually gets out and doorknocks, actually gets out and asks people in the community what their issues are and work on those issues. I have sat on many boards for different organizations that have national notoriety, but I`ve never seen an organization that`s like ACORN, that do what they say, that walk in the word."

Crystal Marshall - Philadelphia, PA

"I came to ACORN 10 years ago seeking assistance in becoming a first time homeowner. I was very afraid because I didn`t know the ins and outs of buying a home. They assisted me in obtaining the American dream, and obtaining my first home. And they also assisted me every year since then in preparing my income taxes and they also got me three years in back money that the IRS owed me. I am forever grateful to ACORN and I hope that they continue to be able to assist people in the people in the community in obtaining resources that they really, really need. Thank you, ACORN."

Bill Chorneau- Oakland, CA

"In 1992, an ACORN organizer came by and knocked on my door and asked if I was interested in working with other people in the neighborhood to try and find solutions to some of the neighborhood problems. That sounded like a great idea. I joined and started going to meetings. And what really impressed me the most was how my neighbors got to run the organization. We made all the decisions as to what we wanted to work on, and got help planning strategy. And we were able to make a lot of changes in our neighborhood. Being organized works. You really have a lot more to say about what goes on in your community when neighbors are working together and speaking with one voice."

Zachary Lareche - Brooklyn, NY

"Four years ago, I was engaged in a bad loan with Litton Loan Servicing. I did try other remedies, and I was almost become to a point to give up. But at the end, I reached out to ACORN. We went down to the Litton office in the city, many ACORN members were present. The second time they came to my house where we had ACORN members calling Litton to force them to accept modifications to my loan which for the past 3 years I was trying on a daily basis to see if they could accept, but they did not. But two weeks ago I received a package from Litton with a modification where I`m paying $2000 less than what I was paying on my mortgage. So I`m thanking ACORN and the members who were helping to win that fight."

Alicia Jimenez - San Mateo, CA

"For the past 2 years I have gotten my taxes done at ACORN with their tax experts. They have also helped us get street lights in areas that are real dark. They have also helped us get stop signs in areas to help with the school kids crossing, to make it safer for them.. I do love ACORN. It is a good organization. It does help communities."


Susanne Mode - Seattle, WA

"I know first hand how important community organizing and community organizations like ACORN are to getting real change, to make real change. The kind of change we need in this country going forward will really take the members, the rank and file of unions, the poor and working class folks of the community to make that change, and to put pressure on our legislators and our congress people and our president to make these changes happen. ACORN is grassroots, it only exists because of its members, and is one of the most democratic organizations that I`ve had the pleasure to be a member of. So I`m proud of ACORN, and I know that here in Washington we`re going to keep doing good things, and it will all be on the support and activities of the members."

Sabra Battle - Houston, TX

"When I was first introduced to ACORN it was through an advertisement that was on the radio about saving your home. I attended a conference at the George R. Brown Center, and when I arrived there I saw there were thousands of people that were affected the same way I was by predatory lending. The organization ACORN was very organized and servicing all these thousands of people that were there that particular morning. And within six weeks of my application being filed with ACORN, they were able to obtain a loan modification for me from Countrywide. By the grace of God and ACORN, now my mortgage has gone down $300. I`m very happy and I`m extremely pleased with the organization. Because I`ve been helped I want to help someone else."

Giselle Quezada - San Francisco, CA

"ACORN is a place where you can address your issues if you really want to make a difference and you really want to change things. There is no one that does the kind of work that ACORN does. There is no one that puts the effort and the energy into the community. I think that truly our voices would be silenced and there isn`t any other organization what we do in the community."

ACORN is the nation`s largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, with over 500,000 member families organized into neighborhood chapters in over 75 cities across the country.  Since 1970 ACORN has taken action and won victories on issues of concern to our members.  Our priorities include: better housing for first time homebuyers and tenants, living wages for low-wage workers, more investment in our communities from banks and governments, and better public schools. ACORN is an acronym, and each letter should be capitalized.  ACORN stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.   

ACORN`s website is at