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Published:October 26th, 2009 12:56 EST
President Obama Declares War On Fox News

President Obama Declares War On Fox News

By Robert Paul Reyes

Fox News` motto "Fair and Balanced" has as much credibility as Iran`s claims that it maintains its nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

Fox News is the propaganda arm of the GOP; its primetime lineup is on a mission from God to destroy the Obama administration. Sean Hannity`s reason d`être is to vilify, castigate, and criticize Obama. Glenn Beck is slightly more nuanced in his attacks, calling Obama a racist who hates white people.

The president tolerated the relentless attack from the Fox News network with remarkable patience, but he finally decided to fight back against the Fair and Balanced Fox News steamroller.

The White House stated that Murdock`s network is "not a news organization" but rather "the communications arm of the Republican Party. I don`t know why Republicans have their panties in a twist over this statement, it`s as undeniable and as incontrovertible as declaring that "the sky is blue and the sun is yellow."

President Obama is wise to attack the Fox News leviathan directly, it sends a clear message to the public that the fair and balanced network has as much legitimacy and credibility as talk radio.

The White House isn`t confining its assault on the cable news network simply to words; it`s refusing to provide key administration officials to appear on Fox News programs.

The Obama and Fox News war is an entertaining spectacle for the public, and it benefits both warring factions. The Obama/Fox News tiff attracts as many viewers as a balloon boy or a missing young white girl. Obama also gains from the epic battle, it appeases the left wing of his party and it serves to deflect charges that he`s a softy.

Obama`s blitzkrieg won`t dampen the love of right-wing nut jobs for the cable news network, but it might convince many normal Americans that Fox News is as reliable as a British tabloid.

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