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Published:November 7th, 2009 17:27 EST
Steve Kush the X factor to Win the Race

Steve Kush the X factor to Win the Race

By Rex Rammell

Exciting news!  Steve Kush, formerly with Chris Christie for Governor, is coming to Idaho to spend 11 days on the road with me.  We have been in detailed discussions about OUR plans to win the Governor`s race.  Those of  you who can make the meetings, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to my new campaign manager. 
Steve has over 25 years experience managing campaigns.  He will be the X factor I have been looking for to win the race.  With Steve`s knowledge and experience and my passion, we will bring victory to the conservative movement in Idaho.  Spread the word, bring your friends to the meetings, and let us move on to victory in May 2010.

November 11th  Boise  Raedeans 7:30 AM 
November 12th open         
November 13th Dan Dunham/Jeff Head
November 14th evening open     BSU vs UI football  game
November 16th  open
November 17th Cambridge Fairgrounds 7:00 PM
November 18th Grangeville  6-8 PM Senior Center
November 19th Kamiah  location and time? Julie Rankin
November 20th Orofino High School 6-9 PM
November 21st Princeton  6-9 PM  Palouse River Community Center
November 22nd St. Maries 1-4PM Elks
November 23rd Sandpoint Elks 6-9 PM
November 24th Rathdrum Golden Spike Estates 6-9 PM
December 12th Montpelier 5 PM, Preston 7 PM

Dr. Rammell`s Contract with Idaho

I Pledge to:

  • Lower Idaho`s taxes

    Idaho is the 13th highest state in state/local tax burden. 

    Discontinue personal and corporate income tax like Wyoming, Nevada, and South Dakota.

  • Downsize state government

    Idaho`s government is living beyond its means. Audit every state department and remove all unnecessary programs and personnel. Burdensome regulations will be eliminated.

  • Reclaim Idaho`s Public Lands

    63% of Idaho is controlled by the Federal Government.

    It is time Idaho owned its land!  Idaho could become a very wealthy state, like Alaska, if we could use our natural resources.  Wolves will be gone.

  • Repeal the 16th Amendment

    The 16th allows the federal government to tax individual income.  Only states should be taxed. Stop excessive federal spending by tightening the purse strings. 

  • Deport all illegal aliens