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Published:November 15th, 2009 11:25 EST
The South Will Be Right Again

The South Will Be Right Again

By Rex Rammell

You may recall the prophecy, the south will rise again! "  I am sure you have wondered, as I have, just what that means.  I now believe it means the controversy over states` rights that led to America`s 1st Civil War will rise again. "    

In the Civil War of 1861, the federal government forced its will upon the states, much like they are doing today.  Today, however, it is not about slavery; it is about universal health care, cap and trade of green house gas emissions, gun control, abortion rights, and a host of other issues.

Some believe, myself included, that the federal government has become so invasive in what is the rightful (10th Amendment) jurisdiction of the states, that the United States Constitution has essentially become a dead letter ", hanging by a thread. "     

Frustrated and angry rioters have rallied all over the United States demanding that the usurpation of states` rights stop.  Most protestors believe the solution is to change our elected representatives in Congress.  I am not one of them.  I believe the answer lies with the states.         

Students of American history know that the original 13 colonies (states) created the federal government, while reserving to themselves (10th Amendment) the bulk of the power, including the power to amend the Constitution.  The states created the federal government.  The states could amend it out of existence if they so choose.  I am not an advocate of dissolving the federal government, but I am an advocate of the states making the federal government comply with the powers given them and enumerated in the Constitution.       

How can the states then, force the federal government in to compliance with the Constitution?  By using one of the checks and balances in a democracy that is often overlooked; state defiance.  Simply by defying edicts from the federal government, the states can indirectly force compliance with the Constitution.    Sheriff Mack from Arizona proved this, when ordered by the federal government to enforce a federal gun control law.  He simply said No. "  The case went to the Supreme Court.  In 1997, Mack v. United States, the Supreme Court ruled, that states do not have to enforce federal law.       

Let us apply this to the likely case of universal mandatory health care.  If Idaho or another state had a leader (the governor) with the courage to stand up against the federal government and say thanks, but no thanks " they wouldn`t know what to do; especially if other states, likely the majority, united with them.  This, I believe, is what the states need to do, to get the issue to the table, on where the federal powers really begin and end.         

My advice to Idaho:  turn the bulk of your attention to state elections, where your voice and vote will really make a difference.

Dr. Rammell`s Contract with Idaho

I Pledge to:

    * Lower Idaho`s taxes

      Idaho is the 13th highest state in state/local tax burden.  

      Discontinue personal and corporate income tax like Wyoming, Nevada, and South Dakota.

    * Downsize state government

      Idaho`s government is living beyond its means. Audit every state department and remove all unnecessary programs and personnel. Burdensome regulations will be eliminated.

    * Reclaim Idaho`s Public Lands

      63% of Idaho is controlled by the Federal Government.

      It is time Idaho owned its land!  Idaho could become a very wealthy state, like Alaska, if we could use our natural resources.  Wolves will be gone.

    * Repeal the 16th Amendment

      The 16th allows the federal government to tax individual income.  Only states should be taxed. Stop excessive federal spending by tightening the purse strings.  

    * Deport all illegal aliens

      Rex Rammell
      Gubernatorial candidate 2010
      3366 Sparrowhawk
      Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
      208-716-2053  208-716-2053