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Published:November 21st, 2009 17:01 EST
Sarah Palin Is The Republicans' Drug Of Choice

Sarah Palin Is The Republicans' Drug Of Choice

By Robert Paul Reyes

The GOP is quickly becoming a regional party with little chance of capturing the White House is the foreseeable future. In 2008 the Republican`s geriatric presidential nominee was soundly rejected by a public weary of the GOP`s divisive rhetoric.

There are no Young Turks with the experience, credentials, charisma and gravitas to pose a serious challenge to Obama in 2012.

In desperation the minority party turns its lonely eyes to Sarah Palin, hoping and praying that celebrity and good looks will trump experience and integrity at the polls.

Sarah Palin may annoy the press and and infuriate the intelligentsia, but she energizes the base and. enthralls the paparazzi.

Palin is a quick fix for the GOP`s intractable problems, her supporters point to the ex-beauty queen`s adoring crowds and overlook her lack of a coherent platform.

Palin is like crack for the the GOP, she provides a cheap and quick high, and dulls the Republican faithful from addressing the systemic problems of their party.

To quote Whitney Houston: Crack is wack! I hope that more and more Republicans will become addicted to Sarah Palin, she will lead her party to perdition.

I admit Sarah Palin is a babe, she`s savory eye candy. But if conservatives are smart, they won`t become addicted to Wasilla crack.

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