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Published:December 13th, 2009 12:35 EST
South Asian Union: A Key of Future Security

South Asian Union: A Key of Future Security

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer,Dhaka,Bangladesh

South Asia is a very important part of the world. This portion is very important in the world not only for its territory but especially for its manpower,agriculture,atomic energy as well as many other things. Apart from luxurious life, the people of these countries used to lead middle class life and many of them under the range of poverty. Whatever is said, the people of South Asia comparatively lead peaceful and happiest life rather then Western as well as many developed countries. The family-bond is too much high in these region and people comparatively love their relatives and  old parents rather than rest of the world.

The two countries of South Asia India and Pakistan have already gained the atomic energy which is contributing for the balance of power in South Asia which is also important for the rest of the world. The South Asian countries established "South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation(SAARC)" which is strongly contributing to keep amicable relationship among its member countries. Now the Afghanistan has become the new member of SAARC , this is really a good news but people of South Asian Countries are really worried about the security of Afghanistan. The clash in Afghanistan has already touched Pakistan as well as India. That is why the people of South Asia are really worried about their security and also security for their future generation.

Considering all of the problems of South Asia, strong unity is very much required for the security of South Asia. The South Asian countries can establish a new union as :"European Union (EU)". If the South Asian Countries are able to establish a "South Asian Union(SAU)", it is undeniable that South Asian countries will be able to add them in the list powerful countries. The South Asian countries can make a military agreement to save themselves from aggressive countries. The South Asian countries may also impose same currency,tax-free trade,Open Visa for all south Asian countries in order to expedite the process of development. In order to materialize this  plan the main problem will be the mental-clash between India and Pakistan. Originally India and Pakistan had no problem, basically the seed of clash between India and Pakistan has been planted by British Government during the time 1757-1947 when Indian-subcontinent was a British Colony. British government applied their notorious policy "Divide and Rule" in order to make permanent clash between Hindu and Muslim in order to secure their colony in the Indian subcontinent. It is basically true that the notorious policy "Divide and Rule" was successful. Whatever,that matter was not dissolved in 1947. When British Government left Indian subcontinent they did not solve the problem regarding "Jammu" and "Kashmir" which are between the border of India and Pakistan. That is why still the problem is persisted between India and Pakistan on the other hand the powerful countries are taking this opportunity to make India and Pakistan as their obedient countries.

However, the basic problem of India and Pakistan will be solved if the two countries are able to solve their problem without the interference of powerful countries. It was seen that when India and Pakistan took steps to resolve their problem amicably at that time any sophisticated problem as sudden clash,bloodshed,bombing etc arises before them for which they can not proceed to solve their problems. Actually the intelligences of  anti-south Asian countries  should not contribute to create issues to make strong bar for the peace process between Indian and Pakistan. Apart from all types of mental clashes, if India and Pakistan are able to make Military agreement, they will be the super power of the world and can make a super-block in the world which will contribute for the balance of power in the world.

However, if the mental-clash between India and Pakistan is resolved, their will not have any strong bar for the establishment of "South Asian Union(SAU)". The other countries Bangladesh,Nepal,Bhutan,

Afghanistan,Maldives,Sri lanka are very much peaceful countries and they are always positive for any kind of peace process.. Srilanka and Nepal have nicely solved their internal problems without interferences of the outer world. On the other hand Bangladesh is a "Pioneer of Peace" in South Asia and the government of Bangladesh is strongly contributing for the peace of the world. A large number of Bangladeshi soldiers are working if different UN peace mission which is a great contribution of Bangladesh to make a secured and peaceful world. The other countries Bhutan,Maldives are also very much peaceful and amicable for south Asian peace. The another South Asian country Afghanistan is also facing too much problems for foreign aggression but all other South Asian countries are working for the peace of Afghanistan.

Actually the process regarding the unity of South Asia is not a tough process but very much important for the security of the people as well for our next generation. South Asian countries have everything to make them alive, now the basic necessity is unity. India and Pakistan should show their altruistic views for the betterment of South Asia. We would like to have a South Asia which will be full of peace and a balance of power in the world.


Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Volunteer Coordinator,
"Society For Human Rights & Education" (Govt.Reg.No:- S8297)

Executive Director
"The Law Students Union of Bangladesh Society" (Govt.Reg: S9773)

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