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Published:January 4th, 2010 11:01 EST
Bristol Palin Vs Levi Johnston Custody Battle

Bristol Palin Vs Levi Johnston Custody Battle

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Alaska judge has ordered the proceedings in Bristol Palin`s child custody case to remain open, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Bristol`s attorney Thomas Van Flein said in court filings that Bristol seeks full legal and physical custody in the `best interest of the child,` while allowing Johnston visitation rights.

`Levi is not yet mature enough to take on significant parental responsibilities,` Bristol says in her petition, the Daily News reports." Read More

Bristol Palin and her famous mother Sarah Palin are staunch evangelicals who frequently extol the virtues of family values. But Bristol, with encouragement from her mother, is seeking to keep Levi from having anything to do with her daughter.

For Sarah Palin vindictiveness and revenge trumps family values. Palin is furious because Levi has broadcast a lot of her dirty little secrets, and she will do anything to exact revenge.

Bristol`s claim that Levi is not yet mature to take on significant parental responsibilities is a joke -- Levi and Bristol are too immature to raise a hamster, let alone her a child.

Having unprotected sex when you are too young to raise a child isn`t exactly proof of maturity. Regardless of how immature and irresponsible the young parents are, the innocent baby needs both a mother and a father.

Shame on the Palins for trying to prevent Levi from assuming the role of father to his beautiful baby.

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