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Published:January 27th, 2010 11:17 EST
Rex Rammell's Billion Dollar Pledge

Rex Rammell's Billion Dollar Pledge

By Rex Rammell

Governor Otter must be a religious man, because for his plan to fix Idaho, the Almighty will have to take over. Let`s hope the governor knows how to get a hold of Him. I believe we need God`s help, but I also believe He expects us to act intelligently. Many economic forecasters are predicting the recession will shortly turn into a decade long depression. If Otter`s plan is to simply cut government while weathering the storm, after a decade, we won`t have a government. I have a real plan.

 Four times in the last century American presidents have faced recessionary economies and have turned the tide with tax cuts. FDR raised taxes and extended the Great Depression. Obama will do the same. However, Idaho can prevent much of her suffering with a historic tax cut. Wyoming, Nevada, and South Dakota have no personal or corporate income tax and rank at the top in best business tax climates in the United States, while Idaho ranks 1st in the Northwest and 13th in the United States in greatest state and local tax burden. Idaho needs to cut taxes and cut them hard to stimulate the economy!

 If I were the governor, I would advocate to the legislature that personal and corporate income tax (~1.35 billion) be eliminated and partially offset by raising the sales tax, temporarily, two cents (~350 million) to provide a billion dollar stimulus to Idaho`s economy.

 In order to balance Idaho`s budget, I would further advocate elementary and secondary education (~1.3 billion) be moved out of state control, back to the local level.

 I would then take 4 cents of the sales tax (~700 million) plus the 300 million saved at the state level and distribute it on a per student basis to the counties to pay for a general education (English, math, science, history) as required by the Idaho State Constitution.

 The counties would then, at their pleasure, use their billion dollar tax cut in the form of fees and fundraisers to pay for all the extras.

 Savings in the education budget would be realized by removing a bloated and inefficient state bureaucracy, while allowing the local communities to self direct a quality education thru the elimination of "No Child Left Behind" and cumbersome state mandates.

 The billion dollar tax cut would bring new businesses to Idaho, while stimulating existing businesses to provide more jobs, investment, and growth. This would eliminate to a large degree the demand for unemployment benefits and welfare, further helping Idaho`s economy. As Idaho continues to prosper and grow, our dependence on federal funds will be eliminated, allowing Idaho to become independent and sovereign of the federal government.

Judyth Piazza chats with Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate, Rex Rammell Rex was born January 2, 1961 in Tetonia, Idaho, a small rural town near Yellowstone National Park and the Teton Peaks Mountain Range.

Dr. Rammell`s Contract with Idaho

  • Assert Idaho`s 10th Amendment rights

Nullify all unconstitutional acts and lead the charge to repeal the 16th Amendment, which allows the federal government to tax individual income directly.  States can control Congress by controlling the purse! 

  • Lower Idaho`s taxes

Idaho is 1st in the NW and 13th in the U.S. in highest state/local tax burden.  Eliminate personal and corporate income tax like Wyoming, Nevada, and South Dakota. 

  • Reform Idaho state government

Move elementary and secondary education to the local level and eliminate No Child Left Behind. "  Audit every state department. Remove all unnecessary regulations, programs, and personnel. 

  • Reclaim Idaho`s Public Lands

      63% of Idaho is controlled by the Federal Government.

It is time Idaho took back its land!  Idaho will become a very wealthy state, like Alaska, if we control our natural resources. All wolves must be eliminated to restore our big game herds. 

  • Deport all illegal aliens        Develop a guest worker program to meet Idaho`s needs.