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Published:March 25th, 2010 15:46 EST
tea party

Tea Party Terrorists Target Democratic Politicians

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Tea party organizers across the country are condemning the harassment and threats of violence against House Democrats who voted in favor of the health care overhaul that passed the House Sunday." Read More

There are many videos of Tea Party protests posted on YouTube depicting tea partiers holding banners and signs condemning liberals, pro-choice activists, and undocumented workers.

tea party

Tea Party activists derive great pleasure from blasting liberal advocacy groups, but it`s much more satisfying to ridicule and harass individuals. Before the health care reform vote we witnessed the sad spectacle of tea party enthusiasts shouting "nigger" at Rep. John Lewis and "faggot" at Rep. Barney Frank.

Unfortunately, the epithets have now escalated to death threats and acts of vandalism. If Republican leaders in Congress and Tea Party organizers don`t strongly condemn the tea party vigilantes, we may soon see these radicals commit acts of terrorism.

The perfunctory apologies issued by tea party organizers are not enough, they must take ownership of the acts of vandalism and the death threats that have been inspired by their speeches.

The Tea Party is racist, homophobic and undemocratic, tea partiers simply won`t accept the democratic process that led to Health Care Reform becoming the law of the land. They are intent on harassing and intimidating the senators and congresspersons that voted in favor of the landmark bill.

Tea partiers are hooligans and thugs, and the Tea Party organizers should consider disbanding the movement before it leads to bloodshed.

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