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Published:April 4th, 2010 09:19 EST
american troops

US Out Of Afghanistan Now!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"President Hamid Karzai lashed out at his Western backers for the second time in three days on Saturday, accusing the U.S. of interfering in Afghan affairs and saying the Taliban insurgency would become a legitimate resistance movement if the meddling doesn`t stop.

american troopsMr. Karzai, whose government is propped up by billions of dollars in Western aid and nearly 100,000 American troops fighting the Taliban, made the comments during a private meeting with about 60 or 70 Afghan lawmakers." Read More

The War in Afghanistan is an ongoing conflict which began on Oct 7, 2001, as Operation Enduring Freedom. What a joke, there has never been freedom in Afghanistan, nor will there ever be any semblance of freedom in that godforsaken country.

Afghanistan`s Taliban regime harbored al Qaeda, and we were justified in attacking Afghanistan in response to 9/11. We decimated the Taliban, and dealt a devastating blow to al Qaeda. We should have declared victory and left years ago.

The Taliban has made a comeback, and they are now a legitimate resistance movement. They have every right to strike the American invading forces by any means available to them.

Karzai is a corrupt weasel, but every now and then he speaks the truth. We should get the hell out of Afghanistan, and stop propping up his corrupt regime.

Karzai is ostensibly the President of Afghanistan, but in reality he`s the mayor of Kabul. If the American invasion force left today, he wouldn`t last a week in power.

Most Americans wouldn`t give a flying fig if the Taliban regained power, it shouldn`t be any of our business who is in control of the destitute narco state.

Karzai was right to demand that the US stop interfering in Afghan affairs, the American people should also demand that we stop sending our sons and daughters to die in vain in Afghanistan.

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