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Published:April 7th, 2010 13:49 EST

Black Tea Party Members Are A Disgrace To Their Race

By Robert Paul Reyes

I`ve read the literature published by Tea Party organizations, and it leaves the impression that the movement`s overriding concerns are keeping taxes low, fighting big government, and repealing Obama`s health plan. In other words, a casual look at the Tea Party Movement makes you think it`s a typical conservation organization.

But there is something rotten at the core of the movement, and you need to watch footage of Tea party demonstrations to sense the evil and the danger that it poses to a democratic, secular and pluralistic society.

Out of curiosity I went to a Tea Party demonstration in my town, and I didn`t see a single person of color. Check out the Tea Party demonstrations on YouTube, and you will see a sea of angry white faces.

Minorities have a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out racism and discrimination, and we can sense when a group or organization doesn`t have our best interests at heart. But you don`t have to be a minority or a psychologist to discern that the Tea Party movement is racist.

The Tea Party uses standard conservative talking points as a cover, but the movement`s not so hidden agenda is to keep blacks, Hispanics and other minorities in their place.

Why are the tea partiers so vehemently opposed to health care reform? Because a disproportionate number of minorities don`t have any health insurance, and tea partiers want to keep things as they are.

Tea partiers love to hold up signs, and many of them reveal their racist tendencies. I have seen tea partiers holding up signs dehumanizing and condemning undocumented workers: Send wetbacks back to Mexico! Fight Crime, Deport illegals!

Of course tea partiers don`t have much love for African Americans either, who can forget the sorry spectacle of tea partiers shouting "nigger" at civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis?

I`ve yet to see a single Hispanic give a speech or play a prominent role in a Tea Party gathering, in fact I haven`t even seen any Latinos attend a Tea Party shindig.

Unfortunately, I`ve witnessed a few token African Americans speak at Tea Party conventions and demonstrations. These blacks are traitors to their race and to the ideals of democracy and liberty, and they deserve to be called "Uncle Toms".

Angela McGlowan is a black congressional candidate from Mississippi who is involved in The Party. This woman is not only a traitor to her race, but she`s an idiot as well. For a black person from the Deep South to be a part of a racist organization just boggles the mind.

The Tea Party must be condemned and exposed not only by people of color, but by every American who values diversity, liberty and freedom.

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