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Published:April 21st, 2010 19:17 EST
Muslim Facing Trial in NY Tortured GW Style

Muslim Facing Trial in NY Tortured GW Style

By SOP newswire2


CAIR-NY is calling on the New York Muslim community and all people of conscience to stand in support of the rule of law by bringing attention to the civil rights violations in the case of Syed "Fahad" Hashmi.

Hashmi is an American citizen who has been held in pre-trial solitary confinement for three years and is currently being detained in a Manhattan detention center under conditions that human rights advocates say are tantamount to torture.

He is scheduled to go to trial April 28.

What: Trial of Syed "Fahad" Hashmi, U.S. District Court " Southern District of New York
Where: U.S. District Court, 500 Pearl St, New York, NY 10007; in front of Judge Loretta Preska
When: Wednesday, April 28, at 9 a.m. (The trial is anticipated to last 2-3 weeks.)
Contact: CAIR-NY Civil Rights Director Aliya Latif, 212-870-2002, 732-429-4268, E-Mail:; CAIR-NY Community Affairs Director Faiza N. Ali, 212-870-2002, 718-724-3041, E-Mail:

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Manhattan Vigil for Muslim Held Prisoner for Three Years
Feel Safer Now?

IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUESTED: (Please post, copy and distribute widely)

1. Contact the U.S. Attorney General to express your concerns over the civil rights violations in Hashmi`s case.

Click here to send a letter right now to Attorney General Eric Holder.

Copy to:

A sample letter is provided for you or you can edit the text to add a personal message.

2. Join the 500@500 Pearl Street grassroots effort on at least one day and keep the courtroom full during Hashmi`s trial.

For more information about his case, visit