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Published:April 28th, 2010 15:12 EST
hugo chavez

Hugo Chavez Joins Twitter

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will soon join the ranks of politicians on the popular micro-blogging site Twitter, under the profile @chavezcandanga, Minister of Public Works Diosdado Cabello said Tuesday.

hugo chavez`Comrades: @chavezcandanga has been booked, we will soon get messages from our commander that way,` Cabello wrote on his own Twitter account @dcabellor. AFP

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is a charismatic leader with a gift for delivering memorable sound bites. Who can forget his speech at the United Nations where he compared President George W. Bush to the devil?

Chavez and Twitter are a perfect fit, and I can`t wait to read his tweets lambasting American hegemony in Latin America. I urge Americans to become his followers on Twitter, hear the unvarnished truth from a leader who tells it like it is.

The American media paints Chavez as a dictator who doesn`t enjoy any support in Venezuela, but the truth is that he`s a popular leader. Chavez already has thousands of Twitter followers even though he has yet to post his first tweet.

Chavez isn`t a saint, he deals with his opponents ruthlessly and he has taken control of the media in his country. But Chavez has used his oil wealth to help his Latin American neighbors, and he fights American imperialism in the region.

We all follow vacuous celebs, shouldn`t we follow at least one flawed but innovative politician?

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