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Published:May 2nd, 2010 01:04 EST

Obama Affair Rumors Hit The Internet

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vera Baker is the woman behind the rumored Obama cheating scandal. Did the President Obama have an affair with one of his former aides?

Yes, according to The National Enquirer. Sure, The National Enquirer isn`t the most reliable of sources, but they have in the past broken big news stories. Most recently the Enquirer broke the news of the Tiger Woods cheating scandal, so you never know when they may be right.


Vera Baker, one of President Obama`s former aides isn`t a part of his camp any longer. Rumor has it that after the alleged affair in 2004 that Baker disappeared and is now somewhere in the Caribbean. Of course the rumor has First Lady Michelle Obama hearing news of the alleged affair and sending Baker away from her husband. Far away." Read More

If you google "President Obama Vera Baker" many of hits will be from foreign publications, the American media is notoriously timid when it comes to exposing the sex scandals of politicians.

The American media is loathe to cover this story for political reasons, reporters don`t want to tarnish the squeaky clean image of the first African American president.

I`m a minority and a liberal who voted for Obama, but I don`t shrink away from uncovering the truth that might destroy one of my political heroes.

I`m not claiming that President Obama had an affair with a former aide, but there`s some smoke, and the press should investigate to see if there`s a fire.

Leave it to the intrepid reporters from the National Enquirer to dig up the truth. I wouldn`t dismiss the allegations because the original source is the National Enquirer. The Enquirer has been right time after time again, their reporters have uncovered dozens of scandals including the John Edwards and Tiger Woods bombshells.

Is Obama the Next Jesse James or Tiger Woods? The New York Times and The Washington Post should be investigating this story, humble bloggers don`t have the resources of these giant media corporations.

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