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Published:June 8th, 2010 18:33 EST
helen thomas

Helen Thomas Retires In Disgrace And Humiliation

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Helen Thomas, the longtime White House correspondent made famous for her no-holds-barred questioning of presidents, announced her resignation Monday following controversial remarks she made about Israel.

helen thomas

In a statement from Hearst newspapers, where she works as a columnist, she said she is `retiring, effective immediately.`

Thomas`s resignation comes after outrage spread throughout the blogosphere in reaction to a video posted to In it, Thomas said that Jews in Israel should `get the hell out of Palestine` and `go back home to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else.`"

Helen Thomas, 89, should have retired decades ago, in her old age she no longer has the mental capacity to keep her anti-Jewish sentiments from bubbling to the surface. Helen Thomas, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants, has always displayed an anti-Israel bias, but at her advanced age she is incapable of filtering her thoughts.

An anti-Semite has no place at a presidential press conference, jihadists and anti-Semites may miss her, but nobody else will. I hope that her place will be taken by a journalist who isn`t clueless about world history.

Thomas declared that Jews should leave Palestine, and go back home to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else. Since Biblical times Palestine has been the home of the Jews, and the United Nations righted a wrong when they voted in favor of creating the modern state of Israel in 1947.

Now that Thomas no longer has the privilege of questioning the President of the United States, she`s just just another senile anti-Semite babbling about the evil Jews.

Enjoy your retirement Helen, just don`t move to Lebanon, a strong-willed woman like you is anathema in any Muslim country. The only nation in the Middle East who would welcome you is the democratic nation of Israel.

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