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Published:June 16th, 2010 20:22 EST
al gore

Did Al Gore Affair With Laurie David Break Up His Marriage?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If Star Magazine is to be believed, Al Gore and Laurie David been hiding an Inconvenient Truth.

The tabloid reported Tuesday that the vice president`s shocking split from his wife, Tipper, was not just a case of growing apart, but a result of Gore`s two-year involvement with David, an environmentalist and the producer of Gore`s Oscar-winning documentary `An Inconvenient Truth.`"Read more...

al gore

Al Gore has all the charisma off a wilted head of lettuce that`s been inside a dumpster for a week. Why the hell would a successful, attractive, and energetic woman want anything to do with the robotic Al Gore?

Al Gore probably choreographs every second of his grind sessions with prostitutes. (Who else would sleep with him?)

Al Gore: OK, Bambi! I paid you $5,000 so you would sleep with me. You are going to get with the program. We will have foreplay for five minutes and 32 seconds, then we will both climax exactly one minute and five seconds after we start knockin` boots. We will not use condoms, they are not environmentally-friendly.

Bambi: Five thousand ain`t enuf to have sex with a freak like you. Double down or I`m out of here!

Al Gore: It`s a good thing I never get emotional, or you would have been pimp slapped.

The Star usually gets it right, but I don`t think Laurie David had sex with Al Gore.

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