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Published:July 20th, 2010 17:10 EST
sarah palin

Ditzy Sarah Palin Coins New Word: Refudiate

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Sarah Palin raised linguists` eyebrows this weekend when she urged Muslims to `refudiate` a controversial mosque -- then defended her garbled English as Shakespearean.

sarah palinThe darling of the Republican right and possible 2012 White House candidate coined the word Sunday in a Tweet criticizing plans for a mosque at Ground Zero in New York.

At first Palin appeared embarrassed, deleting the message on her Twitter page and replacing it with a call for Muslims to `refute` the plan, this time using a real word, but questionable grammar.

Her next update returned to `refudiate`..." AFP

For once Sarah Palin makes a statement that I agree with, unfortunately the message was overshadowed by her malapropism.

Palin is right, Muslims should refudiate, condemn and criticize the plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

The ghostwriter who penned Sarah Palin`s bestseller should have been paid a king`s ransom. It was no easy task to listen to Palin`s speeches and recordings, and turn that babble into a well-written book

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