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Published:July 24th, 2010 10:45 EST
al gore

Al Gore: Creepy Sexual Predator

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Maybe once just wasn`t enough.

al goreAuthorities are investigating charges from two additional masseuses that Al Gore groped them, according to the National Enquirer. The latest round of accusations come after a red-headed 54-year-old massage therapist claimed the former vice president wanted a below-the-belt rubdown at a posh, downtown Portland hotel.

The incident, which allegedly happened in October 2006, was reported that year and again in 2009, is currently under investigation by Portland police.

According to The Enquirer, Gore, 62, wanted more than a spa day at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, where he was attending the Oscars in 2007."Read more

I hope that my readers don`t dismiss the allegations of sexual misconduct against Al Gore when they read the words "according to the National Enquirer." The world`s best known tabloid has an enviable record for getting it right, the Enquirer broke the Tiger Woods and John Edwards sex scandals.

Most of us thought of Al Gore as a policy wonk who was obsessed with lock boxes, geopolitics and climate change. Little did we know that Bill Clinton is a paragon of virtue compared to the randy Al Gore.

Al Gore is a male chauvinist pig, he can`t accept that a masseuse is a professional providing a legitimate service. Gore looks upon masseuses as hookers who are there for his sexual gratification. According to one masseuse Gore grabbed her hand and guided it to his crotch, that`s assault -- plain and simple.

The former Vice President has made unwelcome sexual advances against three massage therapists. All three of these cases should be investigated by the authorities, Gore shouldn`t get away with sexual battery because of his wealth and fame.

Gore is now a national joke, and every time he speaks about climate change he does disservice to his cause. Gore is no longer taken seriously by most people, and he should step down from his pedestal, and shut the hell up.

Gore doesn`t seem to understand that he has been totally discredited, and every time people hear him talk about the need to reduce our carbon footprints, they check their savings accounts to see if they have enough money to afford a Hummer.

Gore should be locked up for the protection and well-being of massage therapists, and for the sanity of the rest of us who are sick and tired of hearing him babble about climate change.

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