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Published:August 5th, 2010 19:24 EST
Fear of a Genuine Discourse on Racism

Fear of a Genuine Discourse on Racism

By M. Quinn

The recently forced resignation of a USDA official in haste based on alleged racial comments, is once again living proof, that we as a nation remain patently terrified to engage in any genuine discourse on matters pertaining to race and racism within our nation.

Shirl ey Sherrod was summarily forced to resign from her position for her alleged racially charged comments, which later proved to be completely unfounded. 

This purported rush to judgment by the White House, was allegedly borne out of fear of having Ms. Sherrod misinterpreted speech appear on a cable news show; and was an obvious attempt to circumvent having any government official coming across as having any racial bias, rather than being used as a catalyst to begin a genuine conversation on the matter of racism. This impetuous action has once again stifled an opportunity to address a historically systemic problem in American society.

The repeated fear of stirring up a racial climate in an already climate of racial division, is in no way a solution to the problem before us. Plainly put, attempting to evade, circumvent or ignore a problem which already exists, does absolutely nothing to solve it; and in fact, not only prolongs the problem but is part and parcel of it.

Regre ttably, too many within our society have chosen to either ignore, dismiss or discuss the subject of racism out of context to where this heinous philosophy began or engage in a genuine dialog regarding sustainable solutions to reverse this perilous cycle. The disingenuous approach of either dismissing or discussing the matter of racism in America without formulating authentic sustainable solutions remains haphazard at best, and a complete societal charade at worst.

Haven `t we as a nation learned the invaluable lessons of the past from intrepid individuals such as JFK,  RFK, Martin Luther King Jr, and Minister Malcolm X who stood steadfastly to combat racial inequality; while categorically showing the American people, that the systemic problem of American racism will not go away by simply turning a blind eye to it, wishing it away or attempting to sweep the matter under the social and political rug. 

The calamity derived from the misinterpretati on of Ms. Sherrod`s speech, remains a stark reminder that as long as we remain emotional and continue to react in a knee-jerk fashion regarding the subject of racism within our nation, the collateral damage of the innocent will continue to rise because of our sensitivity to the subject.

It is essential that we as a nation remove the emotion and sensitivity from the conversation of racism, and invoke rational, reason and intellect into the conversation based on historical facts; so that we can once and for all educate our nation on the intricate design of this poisonous philosophy.

Moreover,  just as the intrepid leaders of America`s past felt compelled to take an emphatic stand against racial inequality, it is incumbent upon our current leaders; more specifically our Commander and Chief to likewise appeal to the moral consciousness of the nation, and similarly commence formulating sustainable solutions to reverse the scourge of racism within American society.

It is my contention that incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into the American educational system as a core curriculum is paramount to the betterment of our nation.


M. QUINN is a freelance journalist and activist born in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Author of the books; Removing the Veil ", and RECOMPENSE A Matter of Human Rights ".

He is also the Founder of the Campaign to Remove the Veil"; which advocates incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into the educational system of American society as a core curriculum. He specializes in social, political, and historical analysis and commentary.

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